Two masked men forced their way into a Janesville residence and robbed the residents Thursday, according to a criminal complaint filed Tuesday in Rock County Court.

Jovanni J. Sanchez, 22, of 1021 N. Grant Ave., Janesville, was charged with armed robbery, burglary, battery, criminal damage and false imprisonment, all while armed.

A couple who live on Madison Street on the near west side told police someone knocked on their door in the early morning hours Thursday.

The man asked who was there and heard “your neighbor,” so he cracked open the door and was hit on the head with a gun, according to the complaint.

A struggle with two men in black masks and dark clothing ensued, and at one point the male resident pulled off a mask and recognized Sanchez, who he had known some years before, according to the complaint.

The man was cut on the hand by the gun when he grabbed it during the struggle, according to the complaint.

The man described the gun as a long-barreled handgun that was either a firearm or a BB gun, according to the complaint.

The man’s girlfriend joined in the struggle, threatening the invaders with a large ceramic bowl, which one of them took from her and held her from behind to restrain her, according to the complaint.

The woman said the invaders yelled at the couple, telling them to find the money, according to the complaint. The woman said they put money away for things such as vacations.

The man said the robbers threatened his girlfriend, so he gave them more than $1,800 in cash, and they left.

Police arrested Sanchez the next day.

Sanchez was held on a $1,050 cash bond after his initial court appearance Tuesday.