A man who refused to leave a Janesville park for months last spring and summer has been seen again at Monterey Park, Janesville police confirmed.

Lt. Michael Blaser said the police department’s homeless outreach team contacted Jeremiah J. Kemper at the park Thursday, discussed the man’s “frustrations” and were working to get him help.

Blaser said he could not discuss what the frustrations were.

Kemper, 34, left the park that day after officers contacted him, Blaser said.

Blaser said he knew of no other police contact, but residents reported seeing him there Saturday.

Police issued Kemper tickets for violating the city ordinance against camping in a park with no result last spring and summer.

Then July 17, police reported Kemper held a knife over his head and told a man who was fishing with his family that he was an undercover officer. Police arrested Kemper and took him to jail.

Kemper was charged in Rock County Court with disorderly conduct while armed, impersonating an officer and obstructing.

Kemper was held at the state’s Winnebago Mental Health Institute in Oshkosh before a court appearance Sept. 27, when a judge, acting on recommendations of the city and district attorney’s office, dismissed all charges and pronounced Kemper not competent and unlikely to regain competency for further criminal court proceedings.