Someone using weed killer created a large, offensive image on an Edgerton High School athletic field last month, and police are looking for whomever did it.

School Superintendent Dennis Pauli would not say what the image was, but he said school staff were obliged to make sure no one attending athletics events or graduation could make it out.

Police Chief Robert Kowalski described it as an offensive image of a sexual nature and said he believes it was an “end-of-the-year prank.”

But Kowalski said the vandalism could lead to a charge of criminal property damage.

“TP’ing trees and stuff like that are pretty harmless. But when you burn grass with a product, it starts getting to be expensive. It’s no longer a prank,” Kowalski said.

It appears an herbicide was used to kill the grass, creating the image, Pauli said Monday.

Pauli said the image on the main athletic field was 60 to 70 yards long, and it did not include any words.

Pauli said the image was likely created about a week before high school graduation, which was held May 23.

While school staff will repair some of the damage, the district will probably bring in a contractor to make sure the field is ready for the fall season, Pauli said.

The work will include seeding, over-seeding and lots of watering, Pauli said. He was uncertain how much the work will cost.

“Our hope is by fall you can’t tell it ever occurred,” Pauli said.

“If the person comes forward and they’re forthright, we’ll work with them and with the district attorney’s office on it,” Kowalski said, noting that in Wisconsin, the district attorney determines whether to charge an individual with a crime.

Criminal damage is a misdemeanor, but it becomes a felony if the damage or cost to repair exceeds $2,500, according to Wisconsin statutes.

The Edgerton Police Department used its Facebook page Monday to ask for the public’s assistance in finding the vandal.

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