A Genoa City woman put her knee on a child’s throat, asked if the boy knew how George Floyd died and asked, “Do you want to die just like him?” according to a criminal complaint filed in Walworth County Court.

When Genoa City police officers arrived at a home June 20, Keriann C. Smith, 37, told them, “Please take them. I don’t want them anymore,” according to the complaint filed last week.

Responding officers found a boy and a girl with visible injuries after the boy called and said Smith was trying to get into the room he was in, the complaint states.

A video of the incident taken by the girl shows that Smith had her knee on the boy’s neck for 48 seconds, the complaint states.

“Tell me you can’t breathe,” Smith said, according to the complaint.

As Smith said that, the boy is seen on the video gasping for air and coughing, the complaint states.

When asked if the kneeling hurt, the boy told police, “Yes, and she has done it before,” according to the complaint. The girl also told police Smith had choked her before.

George Floyd’s death this spring at the hands of police was one of a few incidents that sparked a national wave of demands for police reform and accountability. Minneapolis officer Derek Chauvin was arrested and charged with Floyd’s murder, and other officers at the scene were also charged.

The boy had a large red mark on his neck and a bite mark on his left shoulder, the complaint states. The girl, who said Smith punched her in the face as she tried to break up the fight, had a large red mark on the left side of her face.

Smith told police she was trying to take the boy’s phone away before they got into a brawl, according to the complaint.

Walworth County prosecutors charged Smith on July 15 with physical abuse of a child intentionally causing bodily harm, strangulation and suffocation, misdemeanor battery and disorderly conduct. She also faces charges of possession of marijuana, an illegally obtained prescription and drug paraphernalia.

After police put Smith into a squad car, the girl said Smith had marijuana in the home. Police reported finding a bag of marijuana and 14 trazodone pills, according to the complaint.

A Walworth County judge ordered a $1,000 cash bond for Smith on June 22, court records show.

Smith is scheduled to appear in court for a preliminary hearing at 3 p.m. Aug. 3.