Janesville police evacuated a gas station Saturday night after receiving a report of a woman waving a gun in the parking lot, according to a news release.

Police responded at 8:47 p.m. Saturday to the Kwik Trip at 3359 Milton Ave., Janesville. The initial call said the woman was running around the parking lot brandishing a gun, Sgt. Jimmy Holford said.

When police arrived, the woman, Addrienne M. Golden, was inside her car with the handgun sitting on her center console. She had nothing on her record that prohibited her from owning a weapon, Holford said.

She did not make any threats or point the gun at anyone. Because of that, police had no reason to arrest her on weapons charges, he said.

The initial call merited an evacuation because police were not sure of the situation's severity upon arrival, he said.

Golden was arrested on a charge of possession of MDMA/ecstasy. Holford did not think she was under the drug's influence during the incident.

Golden is being held at the Rock County Jail.