The state Supreme Court has reinstated the license to practice law of former Delavan attorney James M. Schoenecker.

As part of the reinstatement, Schoenecker must continue monthly counseling to address a gambling addiction and “other possible causes for his previous misconduct,” according to a news release from the state Office of Lawyer Regulation.

Schoenecker’s counselor must file semi-annual progress reports with the Office of Lawyer Regulation, and Schoenecker must pay the proceedings costs of $14,754 within 60 days, according to the release.

Schoenecker’s license was suspended in 2011 for three years for taking money belonging to his then-fiancée and other offenses, according to the ruling.

Schoenecker, now 42, was found guilty in 2008 after pleaded guilty to one felony count of identity theft for entering the ex-fiancée’s account and making checks payable to himself. He was sentenced to two years of probation in Walworth County Court.

He also pleaded guilty and was sentenced to a year of probation for theft in Waukesha County.

Schoenecker’s license was suspended for one year in 2016 as the result of defrauding partners in a business venture, according to the ruling.

Schoenecker was denied reinstatement in 2017, but he again appealed, leading to his reinstatement, effective Friday.

At his reinstatement hearing in June, Schoenecker said that if reinstated, he wanted to help others and might be interested in working as a public defender because of what he learned in his own criminal proceedings, according to the ruling.