Doctors are “hopeful” that a man who was shot after a reported bike theft last month will be able to keep his left arm, a Janesville police detective testified during a Rock County Court hearing for the suspected shooter Monday.

That was one of the new revelations at the preliminary hearing for Kenan L. Clemons, 17, of Janesville, who has been charged with attempted first-degree intentional homicide and other charges in the shooting of Trenton Strommen, also of Janesville.

On Monday, Court Commissioner Jack Hoag ruled that there was enough probable cause that Clemons committed a felony to bind the teenager over for trial. Clemons appeared by video from the Rock County Jail.

Assistant District Attorney Mason Braunschweig asked Detective Justin Stubbendick about Strommen’s injuries, which the detective said have required five surgeries so far.

Stubbendick said at first, doctors thought Strommen, who appeared to be in critical condition for the first 48 hours after the June 6 shooting, would lose his left arm. And while it is not a guarantee, they are now “hopeful” that he can keep it.

In response to a question from Clemons’ defense attorney, Frank Raff, the detective also said Strommen “has no recollection of the incident,” which could be because of the severity of his injuries.

“The last thing that he recalls is some shopping he did just prior to the incident,” Stubbendick said.

Prosecutors have accused Clemons and another Janesville teenager, Bernard E. Warren, 16, of taking a bike from Strommen’s garage on Roosevelt Avenue.

A few minutes later, Strommen drove up to where the boys were on Conde Street near Lincoln Elementary School and confronted them about the stolen bike, according to the criminal complaint.

Clemons told police he lay the bike down and told Strommen to take it, but Strommen kept yelling at them, the complaint states. Strommen then grabbed Warren and slammed him onto the ground, according to Clemons.

Clemons said he then shot Strommen, said another detective, Dale Stutika, during Monday’s hearing.

The gun has not been recovered, Stutika confirmed. He said Clemons told police where he ditched it but also that the teenager said he went back to that area and saw it was no longer there.

Clemons is due in court for an arraignment at 3 p.m. Tuesday, July 21.