A Rock County sheriff’s deputy administered CPR and apparently revived a baby who was not breathing in a suspected child abuse case Tuesday at a Janesville home.

The 2-month-old boy was in stable condition Thursday, Lt. Charles Aagaard of the Janesville Police Department said.

The baby's father, Brian R. Mills, 30, of 1528 Barham Ave., Janesville, was charged Thursday with physical abuse of a child, recklessly causing great bodily harm.

Deputy Anthony Barr was first on the scene after a 911 call Tuesday morning to a residence in the 1500 block of Barham Avenue, according to a criminal complaint filed Thursday in Rock County Court.

The boy was on the floor near a couch, where Barr immediately began chest compressions, which “yielded the child gasping three times,” according to the complaint.

Emergency medical services took over, and the child was taken to Mercyhealth Hospital and Trauma Center in Janesville and later to American Family Children’s Hospital in Madison, according to the complaint.

A Mercyhealth emergency room doctor told investigators the infant had a brain bleed consistent with abuse and bruises on his arms and legs, according to the complaint.

Doctors at the children’s hospital discovered broken bones in various stages of healing and retinal bleeds too numerous to count, which are consistent with shaking a child, according to the complaint.

Mills told a Janesville detective that the boy had been colicky and cried a lot, according to the complaint.

Mills said he had comforted his son, changed his diaper and then placed him in a crib when he noticed the baby became limp and “didn’t look right,” and then he noticed the baby was not breathing, according to the complaint.

Mills said he took the baby to the mother, who called 911.

When asked how the boy got a brain bleed, Mills told a detective, “Sometimes I’m a little rough with him,” and “I bounce him. I might do it too aggressively. … I’m not physically abusing our child,” according to the complaint.

Mills said just before the boy stopped breathing, he was holding him in his arms, “and I was patting on his back a little harder, you know, rocking his brain back and forth,” according to the complaint.

Mills said he recently had to grab the boy to keep him from falling. He also suggested the bruises could have happened when the boy, who didn’t like his diaper changed, was flailing on the changing table, according to the complaint.

Mills was held on a $10,000 cash bond at his initial court appearance Thursday. His next court appearance is set for Tuesday.