A Darien man was charged with arson the day before he was to be sentenced for crashing his car and fighting with police, who twice shot him with a Taser.

Joshua Fredricksen, 38, of 230 W. Fremont St., was going to be sentenced Tuesday for the March 5 crash that injured his passenger and ejected his dog, Pistachio, according to that criminal complaint.

He pleaded guilty Oct. 10 to fleeing a traffic officer while causing bodily harm, threat to law enforcement officer and resisting an officer causing a soft-tissue injury to an officer.

But on Monday, prosecutors charged Fredricksen with arson and felony bail jumping for a fire at his home Jan. 5.

Delavan police and Darien fire officials responded to the Fremont Street home at about 11:37 p.m. and found smoke coming from the home’s second story, according to the new complaint. A police officer also came across a mattress blocking a stairwell.

Fredricksen’s bedroom smelled like gasoline, police found a charred gas can, and fire officials found suspected pour patterns in the bedroom, according to the complaint.

The man who rents the home to Fredricksen told police Fredricksen had not paid his rent or utility bills, which led to electricity and water being shut off. Fredricksen had told the man he was unemployed and did not have the money, the complaint states.

There had also been another fire at the home in November 2017.

Police interviewed Fredricksen at a hospital, where he received treatment for burns to his arms, face and buttocks, the complaint states.

Fredricksen said that night he went to the gas station and got cookies and gas for a chainsaw, according to the complaint. He said he went home, ate cookies and went to sleep before he woke up on fire in a burning room.

He said he took his dog and left the home. No one else lived with him, the complaint states.

Fredricksen told doctors a female friend hypnotized him a year earlier while they were doing drugs and “demons must be involved or something,” the complaint states.

Online court records do not show the next court date for Fredricksen, but there was a Monday request to reset the sentencing.