A Janesville man is charged with putting cameras in the bedrooms of a teenage girl he knows and the girl’s mother, according to a criminal complaint filed Friday in Rock County Court.

Prosecutors charged Jack D. Fleming, 70, of 2107 Meadowlark Drive, with two counts of invasion of privacy with use of a surveillance device. One of the charges is a felony because the girl is younger than 18. The other is a misdemeanor.

On March 9, the girl and her mother gave police two iPhone charging docks that had cameras in them, the complaint states. Police reported finding a micro SD card input and a QR code, which could be used to sync the camera with a phone app.

Fleming bought new iPhones in September, and the charging docks arrived in October, according to the complaint.

Fleming put one of the docks on the girl’s bedroom desk, where it could capture footage of her dressing and undressing, the complaint states. The other device was placed in the bedroom where the mother slept.

The girl noticed that after moving the charging docks around the residence, they ended up back in her room—on her desk and on the floor near her bed, according to the complaint.

On March 5, the mother saw the screen of Fleming’s phone, which showed a video of the girl in her room, the complaint states. When the girl saw the camera, she reported that she started crying and shaking.

A Janesville police detective on March 11 researched the cameras, which were made by Lizvie. The next day, police spoke with Fleming, who said he bought the devices for security purposes, according to the complaint.

At first, Fleming denied putting the cameras in the rooms or downloading the app to view the videos, the complaint states. But the app store on his phone showed he got the app Nov. 23 and later deleted it.

After police told Fleming they thought he was using the cameras to capture videos of the women naked, Fleming said he “had plenty of remorse,” according to the complaint. He then admitted putting the cameras in the bedrooms and looking at the footage.

He said he had no idea what he was thinking, and he could not believe that he did this to the girl, the complaint states.

Fleming was given a signature bond at his initial appearance Friday, court records show.

His next appearance is scheduled for 1 p.m. April 22.