A Burlington man faces criminal charges after Walworth County sheriff’s detectives reported finding inappropriate pictures of an underage girl on his phone and videos of him engaging in sex acts with a dog, prosecutors say.

Zachery J. Horsfall, 20, was in the Walworth County Jail in November when a detective listened to one of his phone calls with the girl in which he said he would “tap that” after his release, according to a criminal complaint.

Horsfall pleaded not guilty Dec. 23 to the charges—three counts of possessing child pornography and one count of possessing a gun with a felony conviction, court records show.

He also was charged Tuesday in Racine County Court with sexual gratification with an animal, a misdemeanor.

Horsfall was booked into the Walworth County Jail on Nov. 8, according to that county’s complaint. A detective listened to a Nov. 13 call when Horsfall and the girl talked about missing each other and wanting to cuddle.

In the call, he also asked the girl if her mother knew about him. The girl told him that she knew he was older than 18, but her mother did not care, the complaint states.

The girl’s mother faces child neglect charges because a sheriff’s deputy in December reported finding her home filled with rotten food, trash, drugs, knives, used condoms and a strong odor of dog feces, according to her criminal complaint. In the girl’s room, the deputy found an open bottle of beer that was labeled as urine.

The Gazette is not naming the girl’s mother to avoid identifying a victim in a sensitive crime.

On Nov. 18, the detective spoke with Horsfall, who said he was homeless and hanging around with young juveniles, such as the girl and her friends, the complaint states.

He was booked into the jail with two phones and at first said there “shouldn’t be” child porn on them, according to the complaint. But in a Nov. 20 jail call that the detective later listened to, Horsfall asked someone to get his phones from the jail, remove the SIM cards and “break them.”

The detective spoke again with Horsfall on Nov. 22, when he admitted having pornographic photos of the girl on his phone, the complaint states. Along with the “multiple videos” of Horsfall in sex acts with a dog, police found at least three inappropriate pictures of the girl from the phone call.

Also on the phone was a photo of Horsfall holding a black handgun with a rifle nearby. He pleaded guilty in September to second-offense marijuana possession and was sentenced to probation and some jail time, court records show.

He will appear in Walworth County Court at 1:15 p.m. Feb. 13 for a status conference.