A Beloit woman has been charged with sharing explicit videos of her roommate having sex in their apartment on Facebook, according to a Rock County criminal complaint.

Nicole M. Owens, 39, is charged with capture an intimate representation without consent and post or publish a depiction of a person without consent after allegedly recording her roommate having intercourse in the living room July 10, according to the complaint.

The complaint said the victim had been living with Owens, paying her weekly to live at the home in the 1600 block of Sixth Street. Owens told the woman to stop having sex in the living room and was asked to move out by Owens’ child.

The woman told Beloit police she heard through Facebook that Owens had published the videos and also named her in the explicit posts.

When asked by police, Owens told officers she “thought she could put anything she wanted to on Facebook,” claiming to have “looked it up on the internet and as long as it wasn’t in a bathroom or a place where there is a privacy issue, she could put anything she wants on the internet,” the complaint said.

Owens told police she posted the video because she was “pissed off” at her roommate.