Damont Deandre Green, left, and Jaquczeas Antione-Amura Wiggins


Two Beloit men were charged Tuesday with attempted first-degree intentional homicide and several other charges in connection with a June 20 shooting at a town of Rock strip club that injured at least four others.

A Rock County judge Tuesday signed off on arrest warrants for Jaquczeas “Jaq” A. Wiggins, 23, and Damont “Gold Mouth” D. Green, 27, whom authorities suspect of shooting at one another after an argument at Blu Astor, 6530 S. Highway 51, formerly Diamond Jim’s Isabella Queen.

Both Green, of 1352 Nelson Ave., and Wiggins, of 1824 Fayette Ave., face four additional counts of first-degree reckless injury and two counts of first-degree recklessly endangering safety—all as party to the crime—based on other people who were around the shooting when it happened, according to the criminal complaint. Green faces one more charge of first-degree reckless injury.

The men remained at large early Wednesday evening.

Four people reported being shot June 20, with another person believing he was grazed by a bullet, according to the complaint.

One person who was shot had multiple gunshot wounds and was taken to University Hospital in Madison, the complaint states. Another was shot in the hand, another in the arm, and another had a single wound but its location was not listed.

Witnesses told police that Wiggins and Green got into an argument near the DJ booth in the club, the complaint states.

When a man who helped with security pulled Green away and into the men’s bathroom, he saw that Green had a gun tucked in his waistband, according to the complaint.

That man told authorities that Green said, “When I get out of here, I’m going to air it up,” the complaint states.

It appears that around the same time, Wiggins left the club and got a handgun from the parking lot, according to the complaint. As Wiggins returned to the club, Green was exiting with security staff and others who were at the club.

Green and Wiggins started arguing again, and the man told police that Green started shooting in Wiggins’ direction, the complaint states. The two eventually fled the scene.

Responding deputies from the Rock County Sheriff’s Office reported seeing bullet holes in the front doors and shell casings in the parking lot, the complaint states. A bouncer also reported finding the gun authorities believe Green used.