Walworth County Judicial Center in Elkhorn, Wis.


A Beloit man was charged with not completing a job to fix a hail-damaged Genoa City business that his company was paid more than $138,000 to do, according to a criminal complaint filed in Walworth County Court.

Brett J. Ehret, 38, of 8903 S. Creek Road, co-owned Mastercraft Exteriors, the business that Genoa City-based Robinson Wholesale paid to complete a job in August 2018, the complaint states.

Walworth County prosecutors charged Ehret on May 12 with a single count of theft in a business setting.

The owner of Robinson Wholesale reported the theft to police Nov. 5 after he said he gave Mastercraft the money his insurance company paid him for the hail damage, according to the complaint.

Police reviewed records, which included copies of six checks paid to Mastercraft totaling $138,231, the complaint states.

After reviewing records, police used insurance payments to estimate that $13,275 in work had been done on a house and detached garage on Freeman Street, the complaint states.

The total work for the project would have been $182,597, according to the contract that is mentioned in the complaint.

After failing to do the job in fall 2018, prosecutors allege Ehret asked to move the project into spring 2019. But the work was not done then, either, according to the complaint.

Ehret was “near impossible to communicate with,” the complaint states. Another Mastercraft employee told the Robinson Wholesale owner that poor communication stopped him from working on several other projects, too.

The Robinson Wholesale owner told police Feb. 5 that his lawyer received a call from attorneys representing the owners of Mastercraft, who said they had $50,000 in an account with the hopes of giving it back, according to the complaint.

Police spoke with the other Mastercraft employee, who said Ehret and the other owner bought the business in 2017, the complaint states. The employee said on Dec. 6 that the other owner said the business was closing its doors.

Police on that day also tried to go to the business’s location only to find no one there. Police eventually tracked down an administrative assistant, who said she was also told the company was done, according to the complaint.

Ehret is scheduled to make his initial court appearance at 1:15 p.m. June 12.