Regal’s Durst division in Shopiere will be closed by June as part of a company restructuring.


The state Department of Workforce Development announced Monday that Regal Beloit America will permanently close its Durst division operations outside Clinton next spring, leaving 59 employees without jobs.

In a company letter addressed to the state, Regal said the facility at 5560 E. Buss Road will close June 12. Workers will be let go in three two-week phases starting Jan. 31, the letter said.

The first round of terminations will affect 16 people starting Jan. 31. The second phase will affect the most people, 39 employees, beginning March 13. The remaining four employees will be terminated beginning May 30, the letter said.

The state will offer rapid response services to the company and the affected workers, according to the state news release.

Regal’s Durst division manufactures gear drives and transmissions for vehicles used in forestry, mining, construction and agriculture, according to its website.

The Beloit Daily News reported in October that the closing was part of a company-wide restructuring. Work done in Shopiere will be moved to other plants.

The Durst Power Transmission Division was born in Shopiere in the early 1930s, the brainchild of entrepreneur and inventor Walter Durst, a poultry farmer who lost his farm during the Great Depression, according to Daily News archives.