Ongoing demolition rolls out at the former General Motors facility in Janesville. The plant site’s owner, Commercial Development Company, plans an open house Tuesday to detail ‘preliminary’ redevelopment plans for the 250-acre industrial site.


The owner of the former GM plant property plans to unveil “preliminary” redevelopment plans for the 250-acre site at a public open house Tuesday.

Commercial Development Company continues its months-long work demolishing the gargantuan set of auto manufacturing buildings that only months ago had a more than 4 million-square-foot footprint on the GM property on Janesville’s south side.

Now, more than a third of the property has been cleared from GM’s former manufacturing plant site.

St. Louis-based Commercial Development plans to give local residents a peek Tuesday at redevelopment concepts developed over the last several months by local firms Angus-Young Associates, RH Batterman and Co. and Ayres Associates.

Commercial Development, a brownfield redevelopment company that bought the GM site last December, has cleared and redeveloped dozens of plant properties similar to Janesville’s. The company has said it intends to clean up the GM site and ready it for market for multiple industrial developments.

The city established an overlay district around the former GM site after GM put the plant up for sale in late 2015. The overlay district spells out rules for what can be developed on the property after it’s cleared.

The plans were being readied in part to satisfy city of Janesville requirements that a new owner ready a redevelopment concept for the site. Officials involved in the process say the plans would make way for Commercial Development marketing for redevelopment specific parcels of the 114-acre GM plant site and the 112-acre auto haul-away yard just south known as the JATCO site.

On Tuesday, Commercial Development plans to give the public results of a survey it made available to allow residents to give feedback on how the site might be reused. At the meeting, the company will seek further input on future use of the site, Commercial Development’s Executive Vice President John Fonke said in a statement.

Some areas of the mammoth plant property have been cleared near large rail spurs.

City economic development officials, Commercial Development and McGuire Mears-Coldwell Banker Commercial, a broker for the site, have said the site’s built-in rail service is expected to be a major selling point in redevelopment of the property.

Leading up to Tuesday, Commercial Development hasn’t made public any specific details of its redevelopment plan, including an idea of how the site could be split up into parcels.

Joe Stadelman, president of Angus-Young Associates has said his Janesville firm was working on a set of plans that could provide “flexibility” and give multiple options for parcel size.

Stadelman last week said Commercial Development considers Tuesday’s open house important because it would allow for continued feedback from Janesville residents and economic development stakeholders on the site’s redevelopment.

Bill Mears, the local commercial real estate broker who is helping Commercial Development market the GM site, said people who come to the open house should expect to see plans that would look similar to local industrial parks that area municipalities, including the city of Janesville, have set up for re-development.

Mears’s firm has been marketing the site as the “General Motors Redevelopment Campus,” with an advertised price tag of $15.72 million. The main GM plant site had been listed at $7.46 million and the JATCO site, which is mostly clear of buildings, at $7.33 million.


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