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The former speaker of the House of Representatives will be a member of the board of directors for Fox Corp., the company announced Tuesday.

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Job growth has been a slog in some local segments of the manufacturing sector in the decade since the collapse of Janesville's automaking industry. But a few sectors in local manufacturing—namely the food manufacturing industry--are riding a recent wave of growth that is building back factory jobs in Rock County.

Manufacturing remains the top employment sector in Rock County more than a decade after GM's assembly plant in Janesville closed, but it has begun to transform into a warehousing and logistics hub thanks to its location on the state line, Interstate 90/39 running through it and the network of smaller highways that connect nearby communities.

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Generac announced Tuesday in a news release that it plans to open a distribution center using the bulk of the 500,000-square-foot former John Deere facility at 2900 Beloit Ave. on Janesville's south side.

The Janesville Mall will have one fewer location where customers can stop to sniff scented candles. It appears the Yankee Candle store at the mall, 2500 Milton Ave., is set to close.

Gary Bersell is ending a nearly 50-year career working with people with disabilities. The executive director of Janesville’s KANDU Industries is retiring at the end of June after 13 years with the agency.

Oil-producing countries were preparing for a shortage, but when the U.S. waived sanctions on Iranian crude oil, the market suddenly had a surplus. The result: The lower gas prices consumers are seeing now. But no one is sure how long prices will stay low.