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This is the second story I've done on the Great Gray Owl.

Out my studio window on the Rock River in Janesville, Canadian geese practice for their flight south when the River freezes.

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The Raptor Resource Project has established a new bird cam on an island in the heart of the Mississippi River’s Driftless area.

The sky over my Janesville home on the Rock River is crowded with geese, ducks, eagles, hawks, great blue herons and many other birds.

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As you will see in this updated story, Janesville and Rock County produced a a young man who would become a Hollywood superstar, Kerwin Mathews.

Giraffes and elephants are featured in this video. Giraffes don't need to drink a lot of water here at the waterhole, I'm told, because they get it from the plants they eat. But elephants can drink enough water to fill a bathtub.

Her baby passed weeks ago but this white stork in the town of Wamel in the Netherlands can't stop mothering.

Not only will you find birds in this video of the Grand Canyon but a surprising number of waterfalls reaching the blast-furnace basin.

The two Decorah eagle fledglings outfitted with satellite tracking transmitters are given a close inspection by the third member of the three amigos (siblings).