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Skip the costly electronic games and flashy digital gizmos. Pediatricians say the best toys for tots are old-fashioned hands-on playthings that young children can enjoy with parents—items such as blocks, puzzles and even throwaway cardboard boxes—that spark imagination and creativity.

Winter is coming, and the cold weather is a big reason to stay inside. Spending more time inside can cause your dog to gain weight, as is the case with humans. The frigid weather can make it difficult for you and your dog to stay active and just a few extra pounds on your dog can affect his health.

The flavors of this Brazilian meal make an intriguing dinner. Cumin, cayenne pepper and coconut milk are among the diverse flavors in Brazilian dishes. They are featured in this sautéed chicken dish served over quinoa.

Caraway-scented red cabbage combines with sautéed pork for this one-pot dinner. It’s quick and saves cleanup time. A sauce made with mustard, vinegar and orange marmalade coats the pork. Red cabbage flavored with apple cider and caraway seeds makes a zesty, colorful side dish.

Winter is the season when footwear choices become more difficult. Your go-to running shoes might be comfortable, but after a little bit of time in cold, windy or snowy conditions, your feet will not appreciate the breathability that’s so welcomed in the summer.

Amy and Kevin Wilson began giving their three sons matching pajamas at Christmas for a reason: They wanted their little ones to get excited about going to bed so that they, the adults, could get ready for Christmas morning.

For many of us, wrapping gifts is even more fun than giving them. But each year, we throw away miles and miles of wrapping paper, much of which can’t be recycled because of inks, coatings or other additives.

“People ask me this question quite often: ‘Should I be taking certain vitamins and supplements?’ And the answer is, quite honestly, ‘It depends,’” says Anne Harguth, registered dietitian at Mayo Clinic Health System.

Add some vegetables and a bought pie crust to your leftover turkey for this quick and easy turkey pot pie. I find pot pies on the menus of many restaurants. They’re warm and inviting and a great way to use leftover turkey. This pie can also be made with rotisserie chicken or other cooked pou…

Time for another ghoulishly good time as the approach of Halloween brings out goblins and gore galore. Haunted houses aren’t the only option for scaring yourself silly this month. Consider this range of terrifying settings. Several are all-volunteer efforts whose proceeds help local charities.

Henry Ford didn’t invent the automobile, but he gets credit for putting the world on wheels and Detroit on the map as a leader in car manufacturing.

As weather cools and beaches close, there is little reason to stay home and be bored. Check out these enticements for close-to-home travel.

Have you ever hunted for just the right pieces of furniture on a limited budget? That is the situation I was in recently, but it turned out to be far more than just buying some new pieces for our home. Rather, the experience was a great reminder of how much God loves me.

In a modest residential area—near farmland, railroad tracks and tall grain-storage silos—is an almost-full parking lot at 5:30 p.m. on an average Thursday.

Q: Over a decade, my salary has tripled (I’m quite well-paid now), my work hours and responsibilities have increased, and—because I’m so frequently tired or short on time—my “outsourcing” has increased, too. Think: frequent takeout, a dog-walker, cabs instead of bus, and a whole lot of shell…

We are high above ground and just below the signature “G” that looms 40 feet tall and 60 feet wide. No point in Green Bay is loftier, and what feels simply gusty during summer would freeze the bone in January.

Q: During extended family get-togethers with my side of the family, there is one person who does 95 percent of the talking. When I ask someone else in the room a question about their lives, this person always jumps in and takes over the conversation again. This talker also never inquires abo…

Q: My husband of 15 years has two sisters who live two and four hours away. Sadly, both parents died five years ago. We try to keep the family ties despite the distance.