The largest scooter event in the nation is coming back to Lake Geneva later this month.

After hosting the annual Amerivespa Scooter Rally in 2012, the city will again be filled with scooter enthusiasts from June 19-23.

The Vespa Club of America, a countrywide club formed in 1992, is a group for motor scooter owners to interact and celebrate their hobby. The group organizes the annual event.

“The city of Lake Geneva does a really good job of making us feel welcome, and they were very helpful the first time around,” said Vespa Club of America President Josh Rogers.

“The goal is really for like-minded individuals to come together and just enjoy riding together. It’s a celebration.”

Sherman Lindsey owns Midwest Action Cycle, 251 Host Drive, Lake Geneva, and he is also a member of the area scooter club, the Club Scoot Jockeys. The group is co-hosting the event, and Lindsey said Lake Geneva getting another run at the event is a big deal for area riders.

“It’s a total honor to host such a prestigious event in the scooter world for a second time,” Lindsey said. “We didn’t think it was even possible to get this back again, but because (Amerivespa) liked the 2012 event and our small-town charm and commitment, they wanted to bring it back.”

The event will feature a number of activities and scooter rides. A vintage scooter show and obstacle course for riders also are planned.

“Scootering in the Geneva Lakes area is the pinnacle of the Midwest for scootering,” Lindsey said. “It’s like going to Aspen for skiing.”

In addition to the shows, the event also will feature an attempt at a world record for the longest scooter parade on Saturday, June 22. The event got around 800 scooters back in 2012, but the group thinks it can break the record of 864 this time around.

“We want to break the record. This is all about pure fun, and anyone with a scooter should come out,” Lindsey said.

Tickets for the event can be purchased at Amerivespa.net.


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