Logan Nelson, administrative director of the Sterling North Book and Film Festival in Edgerton, believes there’s something primal about telling stories, something just a step or two below the need for food and water.

Providing a family-friendly alternative to the scares of the Halloween season, Janesville's parks and recreation division will again host its annual Enchanted Forest and Hollywood Hayride beginning Wednesday, Oct. 17, at Palmer Park, 2501 Palmer Drive.

Superhero fatigue got you down? Tired of the same old bland Marvel Cinematic Universe offerings? A dose of “Venom” could be just the right antidote. This dark, wacky MCU-associated outing combines one of the most interesting contemporary leading men with a daring director who has a hit-or-mi…

For years, putting feisty comic Kevin Hart across from any movie star would automatically light a fire underneath an otherwise middling comedy. He was the magic ingredient, the spice that would enliven anything.

Telltale Games laid off most of its staff last week, and the studio will soon close its doors. It’s a tragedy for the fans the studio has gained the past few years, writes Gazette gaming columnist Jake Magee.

The story of how Lizzie Borden was accused in 1892 of taking an ax and killing her father and stepmother has been fodder for films, TV shows, a rock musical and a child’s jump rope game. Although Borden was acquitted of the murders, the general thinking is that she got away with murder.

As gamers feed a growing trend of downloading digital versions of their favorite games, they should realize the practice comes with risks, writes Gazette gaming columnist Jake Magee.