Nikki Bolka, a member of The Gazette’s restaurant review team, enjoyed this beef salad entree as part of a recent take-out order from Two Sisters Thai Restaurant in Walworth.


If you are not familiar with the area, Walworth is more than just a city you drive through to catch the train in Harvard, Illinois. Some of my favorite shops are there, and now I’ve found a fun restaurant, too.

Two Sisters Thai Restaurant has been around for about six years, and many people I know have recommended it. Housed in a small, nondescript building, the interior is also no frills—but it is definitely worth the stop.

At this time, the restaurant’s dining room is closed. But take-out and curbside pickup are available, so I went inside to place our orders.

I had come with a list of everyone’s requests, but I hadn’t made up my own mind yet.

When I looked at the menu, I needed explanations of what some of the different ingredients were that would make a dish unique. Thankfully, a staff person was very helpful and took time to clarify the options and answer all of my questions.

I asked about the special, and she told me it was seafood green curry fettuccine ($21.95). I was initially intrigued but then hesitated once she started listing off the ingredients. (I heard squid. I am not a big fan.)

When she noticed my reluctance, she offered to give me extra shrimp in place of the squid. Dishes made to order. I love it!

My pasta had a green curry topping and was full of shrimp and mussels, and I was told it was “medium” spicy. If you know Thai food, you are prepared for the fact that medium is actually pretty hot. For me, this was just on the edge of being too much. I needed a bite of yogurt to cool down when I finished.

What did hit me was that this dish had the most basil flavor I’ve ever had. I LOVE basil, so it worked as a plus for me.

Helene was craving broccoli, so she opted for the broccoli oyster sauce entrée ($10.95) with chicken. Served with equal amounts of broccoli and sliced carrots with an attractive scalloped edging, straw mushrooms and bite-sized pieces of chicken, the oyster sauce was light brown with a nicely salted garlic flavor. The vegetables were al dente, and the chicken was tender. Overall, she found it delicious and would happily make the same choice again.

For her entree, Jennifer ordered the shrimp pad see ewe ($12.95). A Thai street food classic, it is made with tender, wide rice noodles coated in a rich, savory brown sauce. The number of medium- sized shrimp was ample, and the broccoli also was plentiful. Bits of egg were stir-fried into the mix, which added to the overall flavor of this comfort dish. A side of white rice also came with her meal.

Nikki got the yum nua nam tok (Thai sliced beef salad; $12.95). It was packed in a plastic to-go bowl but somehow managed to retain a beautiful presentation when she got it home and sat down to eat.

The dish was colorful and wonderfully aromatic. The generous portion of sliced, marinated meat was tossed with tomato wedges, leafy greens, thin slices of red onion, shredded carrots, scallions and whole mint leaves. She asked for medium spicy, and it was just right. The salty, tangy dressing was flavorful and pulled all the ingredients together perfectly. It was a very fresh-tasting dish.

In addition to our entrees, we ordered a couple of appetizers that were split and sent home between the four of us. Helene and I each sampled a Thai eggroll ($4.95 for two). They were a little greasy but had a flaky wrap that was irresistible.

The flavors were not that noticeable other than the chunk of meat (perhaps beef?) in the middle. They were tasty, but there weren’t many vegetables—which is my preference in an eggroll.

Jennifer and Nikki tried an order of ka num jeb ($7.95). Steamed dim sum dumplings stuffed with ground chicken and finely diced shrimp were served on a bed on fresh shredded carrots.

Jennifer raved about the Thai dumpling sauce that accompanied them. It was somewhat sweet with a soy sauce base. In fact, she enjoyed the dumplings so much she has already decided on her next visit that she will get a couple of orders and just make a meal of them.

If you find yourself in Walworth and are in the mood for high-quality Thai cuisine, look no further than Two Sisters Thai Restaurant. You won’t be disappointed.

The Four Dishes—Nikki Bolka, Helene Ramsdell, Jennifer Spangler and Beth Webb—review regional restaurants for The Gazette.