Nikki Bolka, a member of The Gazette’s restaurant review team The Four Dishes, ordered this Philly cheesesteak pizza with additional pepperoncini as part of a recent takeout order from Milwaukee Street Pizza in Janesville.


Word on the street is there’s a new pizza place in town: Milwaukee Street Pizza, in a strip mall at the intersection of East Milwaukee Street and Pontiac Drive.

Entering this new establishment, the first thing you notice is a gigantic corrugated steel bar. Neon-blue rope lights strung underneath really make it pop.

The ceiling, painted coal-black, and the vinyl plank floor provide an intimate dining experience. The robin’s-egg-blue walls above a faux brick trim give it a comfortable vibe. Vintage patent prints of sporting equipment adorn the walls. In addition, there are big screen TVs and a couple of video poker machines.

We are still in take-out safety mode, so I can tell you what I brought home for my family. Pizza!

Milwaukee Street has lots of specialties, but I’m a veggie pizza fan. My large veggie ($15.99) had all the goodies: sliced black olives and finely chopped onions, green pepper and tomato with a good amount of mozzarella.

I love a lot of marinara sauce, and though it was a little light in this area, the taste really came through. It was no problem to enjoy half of the pizza and put the rest to the cold test the next day.

Think about it: We’ve all had next-day pizza that was hard and nasty even if we tried to heat it. Thanks, Milwaukee Street. I had my leftovers cold for lunch, and they were lovely. My son, a real pepperoni guy, gave the OK for his pizza and said he enjoyed the breadsticks, too.

Nikki also ordered pizza and breadsticks. She was happy to see a thin-crust option and got one of the specialty pizzas: a small (9-inch) Philly cheesesteak pizza ($9.99).

The pizza had an American cheese base and came with rib-eye steak, sauteed onions and more cheese, and she added pepperoncini for a little extra flavor and crunch. Nikki was hoping for a salad to accompany the meal, but Milwaukee Street Pizza does not have any on the menu.

Like me, Nikki is a fan of marinara. She also wanted to try the breadsticks, so she got an order.

Milwaukee Street offers a few different breadstick variations: plain, cheese or taco. She opted for the plain ($4.99), which had a simple garlic seasoning and came with sides of marinara and garlic butter. Don’t let appearances deceive you ... the restaurant’s version didn’t have the light and fluffy look of some breadsticks. These obviously were freshly made from cut-up pizza crust and tasted great.

Helene used Eatstreet to have her dinner delivered. The process was easy and saved time. There was a delivery charge of $2.99, which didn’t include a tip for the driver. (Please don’t forget to tip your drivers because they make a lower hourly wage than those in the restaurant.)

Helene and her husband started with mild, jumbo, boneless chicken wings (six for $7.99) and then went crazy on the sauces, which added up! At 79 cents for each sauce, the wings ended up costing $11.15.

But it was nice to have the variety, and the ranch and spicy ranch were their favorites. The wings were nice and tender.

For pizza, Helene went with a small, hand-tossed taco pizza ($9.99). The crust was slightly thicker than the thin-crust option, but it wasn’t too doughy. Beef and cheese were scattered on a base of refried beans with lettuce, tomatoes and crunchy tortilla chips on top. The textures and flavors were satisfying, and once Helene noticed the salsa and cream cheese among the assortment of wing sauces, that made everything much more flavorful!

Jennifer was not in the mood for pizza, so she selected the Italian beef sandwich ($8.99), which came with fries. The thinly sliced, nicely seasoned beef and provolone tucked inside a flaky, crusty hoagie bun was delightful. She would have enjoyed a bit more cheese on her sandwich, but she loved that it came with a cup of giardiniera, which she loaded on quite heavily. The savory au jus for dipping also was phenomenal, and the crinkle-cut fries were perfectly crispy and served piping hot.

Pizza, subs and beer are always popular, and with Milwaukee Street Pizza’s list of beer options, you can bet I’ll be back later for some inside dining and to see what they have on tap.

The Four Dishes—Nikki Bolka, Helene Ramsdell, Jennifer Spangler and Beth Webb—review regional restaurants for The Gazette.