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Janesville bath and body shop hopes to expands its local, online presence


Valencia Riley discovered her calling at a woman’s expo in 2016 when she happened upon a man selling shea butter. After buying the product, Riley realized she had no contact information for the seller to buy it from him again.

“It worked well with my skin and I loved the way it smelled,” Riley said.

This gave her the idea to try to make a shea butter herself that would work for people with skin issues similar to hers. Riley experimented with different butters and through trial and error, created her product mix. After perfecting her product, she shared her shea butter with her mother and grandmother. Her mother encouraged Riley to start selling the product.

She created her shea butter by using a combination of kukai butter from Hawaii, mango butter, magnesium and added fragrance. The kukai butter is used for sunburn and windburn, while the mango butter makes skin soft and is an emolia type of butter. Riley adds magnesium to her product because she says it can help with more than 600 functions in the body.

“I have my product in over 600 different fragrances,” Riley said. “You’re able to mix and match or create your own fragrance.”

The Sophisticated Lady, Riley’s store, has grown to have even more products over its six years in business. Riley’s line includes a callus remover for feet and hands, magnesium oil, beard oils, sugar scrubs and floral tea soaks, just to name a few.

“The soaks are a mixture of flowers, herbs, oatmeal, Himalayan sea salt, black Hawaiian sea salt and coconut milk,” Riley said. “It’s going to be a great muscle relaxer as well as help people with sensitive skin because the oatmeal is calming and soothing to the skin. The milk gives the skin a nice, soft feel to it.”

Riley recently opened an office space at 1345 Excalibur Drive in Janesville to store and make her product there instead of doing all her work at her house. The space is mainly dedicated to creating her product. She has thought about opening up a storefront for her products, however she said she has reservations.

“I see more brick-and-mortar businesses going out of business and more people are shopping online,” Riley said. “I don’t think I would ever want to go and open a store. I like to shop and get around to new people. I don’t want a retail space.”

Her main focus is to spread the word about her business by selling her wares at local events and sharing her products online. Riley has plans to attend local markets in Waukesha and be a vendor at the Janesville Farmers Market this December.

“My goal is to generate more users of my products because we all are dry, especially in the winter months,” she said. “I just want to increase my awareness with customers and let people know that I’m out there.”

For more information on The Sophisticated Lady, follow the business, The SophisticatedLady1, on Facebook or head to its website, thesophisticatedlady1 .com.

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