The 200 block of Janesville’s West Milwaukee Street is lit up in this nighttime photo from the 1920s.

This photo from the Gazette’s archives shows the 200 block of West Milwaukee Street in downtown Janesville, looking east.

A note on the back says “1928?” but that’s based on the date on the license plate in the far right corner.

Adamany’s, on the right side of the photo, was located at 211 W. Milwaukee St. An ad in the August 1932 Gazette offers this description of the restaurant: “After school, after the show, meet at Adamany’s. That’s where you’ll find the gang.” Adamany’s was the right place for “tempting sandwiches ... creamy malts ... and delicious fountain concoctions.”

The earliest mention we could find for Adamany’s at that location was November 1929.

Across the street at 200-204 W. Milwaukee St. is Leath’s Furniture Store.

The store started advertising in The Gazette in 1919. At the time, the company had five stores in other locations.

An ad from April 1919 reminds shoppers that “The UNITED STATES is alive with PROSPERITY, with two positions for every man. Good salaries are going to continue. If you have plans, don’t be afraid to go ahead.”

Sears is clearly visible on the left side of the photo. Just beyond it across the Milwaukee Street bridge is a neon sign for the Bank of Rock County.