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This historical photo of Sharon was taken in the late 1930s.

Even if you didn’t recognize it, the giant "SHARON" on the roof of what is now the Sharon Chamber of Commerce gives it away.

Notice, too, that the painter included a directional “N” just in case a pilot was lost.

Baldwin Street runs through the center of the photo.

Cross Street runs across the top of the photo. If you look all the way to the right of Cross Street, you can see the roof of the Sharon Telephone Company.

Many of the buildings in the historical photo are still there. The Iron Horse Saloon, 124 North St., is in the lower left-hand corner of both photos.

This photo obviously was taken during the warmer months, but on Dec. 23, 1936, the news from Sharon was all about the five strings of lights set up across Baldwin Street. Each string had 20 bulbs on it and Christmas trees were placed at each end of the street, according to a report in the Janesville Daily Gazette.

“This is the first year such an extensive Christmas decoration has been done in the village, the movement being sponsored by the commercial club,” our Sharon reporter wrote. “The village board will pay $75, and the commercial club will pay the rest.”

The village is still known for its annual holiday celebrations.

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This image shows downtown Sharon as it looked in the late 1930s.


This photo of Sharon was taken earlier this year.