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This aerial photo of Orfordville was taken sometime in the late 1930s. The view looks north along Beloit Street, which is also Highway 213. 

The field of corn shocks in the upper right-hand corner of the photo now is the home of Parkview Junior/Senior High School. 

Many original buildings remain on Spring Street, which is seen running to the right off Beloit Street. The fourth building from the intersection is now the location of The Haven Coffee House.

The road in the upper left-hand corner is Brodhead Street, and the distinctive shape of Sather's Service rooftop can be seen. The building once was home to the  Honeyset Oil Company filling station.

The house on the northwest corner of Center and Beloit streets served as Orfordville's public library for many years. People who found the library small might be surprised to the learn that the building originally housed the village hall, library and fire department.

The two large windows in front of the building were once garage doors. The main floor was a parking area for the village's two fire trucks—they must have been tiny—and the library and village hall were upstairs.

A photo in the May 5, 1934, issue of The Janesville Gazette notes that the building was a Civil Works Administration project. 

Today, 203 N. Beloit St. is the address of the Sassy Chicks Quilt Company.


Downtown Orfordville as it appeared in the 1930s.


Downtown Orfordville on July 3, 2018.