One of the most beautiful views in Rock County is right outside the La Prairie Grange Hall.

Located on South La Prairie Town Hall Road, the building is at the crest of a gentle hill. When the sun is out and the crops are up and healthy, the view is like a post card featuring the best of rural America.

The Grange Hall is also La Prairie Town Hall, and that’s where the town board has worked to retain it’s rural identity. Many of those values are Grange values.

The National Grange of the Order of the Patrons of Husbandry is an agriculture advocacy group that started in 1867, according to the organization’s website,

The La Prairie Grange was organized in 1873, and the hall was built in 1874, making it one of the four oldest Grange halls in the country.

Along with advocating for farmers, Grange halls became places for farm families to connect and socialize.

These photos from the Gazette’s archives are from March 1976 and show one of the Grange’s family fun nights.

Dancing, cards and talk were the featured fun.