The season one battle pass for ‘Apex Legends’ is right around the corner.

I haven’t been this excited for a game update in years.

“Apex Legends” launched only six weeks ago, but its season one battle pass is already just around the corner. In fact, I’m convinced it was supposed to drop March 12 but was delayed at the last minute because of an exploit players found that would have allowed them to acquire the $10 pass for free.

For the uninitiated, a battle pass is a purchasable item in a battle royale video game that allows players to unlock several progression-based rewards as they play. “Fortnite” perfected the system by allowing players to unlock over 100 cosmetics every season.

My guess is the season one battle pass for “Apex Legends” will drop March 26, but it could come out sooner. Either way, developer Respawn Entertainment has to nail it to keep “Apex Legends’” momentum as a growing battle royale game. Here are the things I want to see when season one launches.

Map changes

“Apex Legends” has a great map, but one of the things that keeps “Fortnite” interesting is constant small changes to the persistent map.

In the opening sequence of “Apex Legends,” you can briefly see a newspaper clipping that claims the Thunderdome, one part of the map, will be rebuilt for season one. It’d be great to see some landmarks change just enough to keep things interesting without subtracting from the familiarity of a great map.

Octane and other legends

Weeks ago, dataminers and leaks revealed a new upcoming playable character, Octane, who is able to drop jump pads for players to use to reach new vantage points on the battlefield. Octane and his jump pad ability have all but been confirmed by Respawn, and it’s highly unlikely he won’t drop when season one starts. It’d be great if he were free, but I’m pretty sure players will have to buy him.

I think it would be awesome if Respawn dropped not just Octane but another new legend as well. In the game’s opening sequence, you can briefly see the blurry silhouette of Octane and another unrevealed legend in the background. Players suspect this is Wattson, a leaked female legend who may have electricity-based powers.

New cosmetics

As much as I love “Apex Legends,” most character skins are hot garbage. Many legends look worse in unlockable outfits instead of their default décor. I hope the battle pass comes with plenty of new outfits to unlock that are just as good as or even better than the best obtainable outfits available now.

Weapon skins are a bit better than legends’ skins, but they could use a breath of fresh air, too. Unlockable cosmetics cost up to $18 in the game’s store, which is absurd, so it’d be great if season one included sensible discounts to boot.

Earnable coins and spendable tokens

“Apex Legends” has three different currencies: crafting metals, legendary tokens and apex coins. Coins are the closest to real money, considering the only way to earn them is to buy them and 100 coins equates to $1. The battle pass will cost 950 coins, but I hope “Apex Legends” takes after “Fortnite” and allows players to earn coins throughout the season so players don’t have to shell out $10 each season for a new pass.

I have well over 50,000 tokens at this point considering you earn constantly earn them as you level up in the base game. You can use them to buy new legends, but I don’t care for either of the two currently unlockable heroes, so mine have remained unspent. You can also use them to buy weapon skins, but only for guns you’ve already purchased a skin for with apex coins, which is counterintuitive. Give me the option to spend my tokens on worthwhile things, Respawn.

Crafting metals allow you to unlock weapon and character skins, but earning crafting materials is a real slow process. The ability to trade tokens for crafting materials would be nice.

I don’t know how Respawn will do it, but the three currencies need some reworking to be more enticing to new and old players alike.

Bug fixes

Arguably the most important change with season one will be bug and other fixes to improve the quality of “Apex Legends.” Cheaters are running rampant on Asian servers, there’s an exploit that allows players to melee enemies at breakneck speeds, some legends’ hitboxes are just too big, and PC players regularly experience crashes, among other issues. These problems need to be addressed to make “Apex Legends” a clean, fair experience and compete in the free-to-play market.

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