September is here, which means we’re only one month away from October.

And yes, that means it’s time to play some spooky and scary video games.

I love all things horror, especially in the fall, but creepy games are special. There’s no hiding or covering your eyes when playing a horror game—not if you want to survive. You’re completely immersed in the terror as you experience it firsthand.

Here are a few of the many horror games I plan to play over the next couple of months, and why I’m so excited for them.

‘Outlast 2’

The original “Outlast” is my favorite horror game, hands down.

You play as a journalist who enters an insane asylum with nothing but a night vision video camera to document the many horrors happening inside. Instead of fighting the enemies you encounter as you would in a typical game, you only have the option to run and hide in “Outlast,” adding to the constant feeling of tension and fear.

“Outlast 2” launched months ago, but I’ve been saving it for October. The sequel features a new protagonist in a new setting, but the premise of recording, running and hiding remains.

I hear “Outlast 2” is even more graphic and terrifying than the original game, and that’s saying something.

‘The Evil Within 2’

“The Evil Within 2” is the sequel to a Japanese survival horror game that released three years ago.

I don’t remember much about “The Evil Within” except for its weird story, clunky controls and a naked spider-lady monster that is absolutely one of the scariest creatures I’ve ever encountered in a video game. Even though the gameplay isn’t stellar, the spooks are out in full force.

If “The Evil Within 2” can deliver the same scares when it launches next month, I’m all in.

‘Until Dawn’

One of the reasons I got a PlayStation 4 this year was to finally play “Until Dawn,” an interactive horror drama that launched in 2015.

In “Until Dawn,” eight teenagers go camping in a cabin near where two girls mysteriously disappeared a year earlier. It’s about the most stereotypical premise for a horror story you could come up with.

What makes the game unique is that you play as all eight characters and make individual choices that significantly affect the game’s plot and, ultimately, its ending. Sounds like a game I could play several times through and enjoy each time.

There are other spooky games I plan to give a shot this year, such as “Dead Space 2” and “Bloodborne.” Which ones are you looking forward to playing?

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