Practically every day for the past five weeks, I’ve been obsessively playing “Monster Hunter: World.”

It’s been a long time since a game has hooked me this hard, but there’s so much about “Monster Hunter” to enjoy. I expected to quickly grow tired of the grind, but more than 110 hours in, I’m still having a blast hunting down beasts and using their materials to craft powerful weapons and armor.

However, this weekend I finally beat the game. There are other games calling my name, so I think it’s time to move on.

After beating the low-rank quests, I started high-rank assignments. They were supposed to be harder—and they were, but not by much. Monsters I’d already conquered became tougher to beat, but really, nothing was a match for the plethora of powerful charge blades I’d amassed.

The first thing I did was grind out Zorah Magdoros quests, which allowed me to repeatedly beat the “final” boss. After beating it five or six times, I had enough materials to make its armor set, which was powerful enough to use for the remainder of high-rank quests.

From there, I started working on making my arsenal of more than a dozen charge blades even better. I farmed the red dragon Rathalos for a while before taking on other beasts, and soon all my charge blades were decently powerful. With a ton of different blades to choose from, I always had a weapon for every occasion and creature “Monster Hunter” threw my way.

By the way, if you aren’t using a charge blade, you need to try it out. It’s a versatile weapon that allows you to be quick when you need to be and ridiculously overpowered when you can. By learning its secret combos and abilities, I was able to quickly vanquish even the toughest monsters in the game.

After getting all the gear I wanted, it was only a matter of defeating four different elder dragons. I’m not trying to brag, but with proper preparation and using the right tools for the job, I was able to defeat each elder dragon—even the enormous final boss—on my first try.

To be honest, I was a little disappointed. The game is known for being a bit challenging, but here I was absolutely destroying “Monster Hunter’s” greatest foes.

But at the same time, I felt proud. It had taken me 60 hours to become powerful enough to take down these beasts, and that commitment wasn’t lost on me. I even wasted more than 50 hours on a female character I ditched once I realized the male armor was much cooler looking.

Now that the credits have rolled, the game isn’t over. I can mop up missed optional quests, repeatedly kill already-defeated monsters to build top-tier gear, or hunt new tempered monsters that are even more difficult versions of existing beasts. Maybe I’ll give some of these a shot.

But I think I’m content stopping here. I’ve seen almost everything “Monster Hunter: World” has to offer, and I’ve conquered it all. It’s been a fun, addicting adventure, but I’ve got plenty of other games to play.

As “Monster Hunter” flashes on screen after you beat a mission, “Quest complete!”

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