A photo from The Gazette's archives shows cars plowing through at least a foot of water at the Five Points intersection in Janesville.

With “Cuphead” releasing on Switch last week, a bizarre criticism is resurfacing: Some are critiquing the developers for failing to acknowledge the racism of the time period by which the game is influenced, writes Gazette gaming columnist Jake Magee.

The Decorah eagles have been through a lot lately, protecting their eggs in harsh weather and being attacked by owls for much of the night. Maybe that's why you will see mom Decorah sleep through a nest infestation of mice. And the Decorahs have lost an egg, but the Raptor Resource Project d…

Janesville firefighters battled a fire at the Sherwin-Williams Co. Paint and Home Decorating Store, 23 S. Main St., in 10-degree temperatures on Dec. 22, 1977.

George S. Parker announced he planned to build a new factory and headquarters in 1919. When it was completed, it was considered the "last word in modern construction."