Paul Ryan has canceled town hall meetings. House speaker, here are some questions needing your answers:

1) After his six bankruptcies Donald Trump secured Russian financing; he fired three people investigating Russian campaign connections. His son-in-law has had an undisclosed pre-inauguration meeting with Russians trying to establish a FBI/CIA-free channel.

When are Trump’s taxes and the extent of Putin’s influence going to be revealed?

2) At the G7 meeting, Trump neglected to support NATO’s mutual defense agreement. Contrary to reassuring allies of unity, Trump sides with Trump real-estate welcoming dictators. Trump praises Manila Tower champion President Duterte of Philippines who’s ordered more than 7,000 assassinated. Trump congratulated Istanbul Tower host, President Erdogan of Turkey, with 200 journalists imprisoned. Trump recently sold eight companies to Saudi Arabia; Trump just signed a $110 billion arms deal with King Salman. Trump’s silence regarding Saudi’s atrocities in Yemen yields a $100 million gift to Ivanka’s Foundation.

How long before initiating impeachment?

3) The U.S., having only 5 percent of the world’s population, uses 24 percent of the world’s energy, yet Trump removed the U.S. from the 10-year negotiated Paris accord.

With the earth’s survival at stake, when are the controlling Republicans going to pass legislation supporting the accord with its crucial renewable energy jobs?

4) Television coverage celebrating passage of the bill causing 24 million people to lose medical coverage shows your head bobbing ‘yes’ behind Trump.

How will you be the House’s moral compass leading toward and liberty and justice for all?





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