On Janesville City Council member Jens Jorgensen: This is reference to the Janesville City Council meetings where Andy Jorgensen attended and was texting his son, Jens. I just wanted to make note of the fact that city council meetings of late have been very quiet and run very smoothly now that he’s not sitting in the audience texting.

On Monday story, “Mr. Money” (Page 1A): I would like to know when The Gazette is going to do an article about Rep. Paul Ryan’s lack of meeting with his constituents. He can go out and raise money for the Republican Party and his re-election, and he hasn’t met with his constituents in I don’t know how long and won’t hold a town hall. When are you going to do an article on that and put it on the front page of the paper?

—If money and outside interference is the only way to win an election, we sure are in deep doo-doo. There has to be someone who isn’t arrogant and self-serving, who is for the people, honest, has integrity, honor and common sense. As it is, we don’t have the smartest birds in the flock.

—It would be interesting to see how much money his two top supporters raised for him or donated for him.

On police cars: I was just kind of wondering what kind of lights that the police officers have on the top of their cars because I almost get dizzy just looking at them. They sure have changed. I’m wondering if they’re LEDs, or what’s going on with them? They almost make you nauseous.

On backing the badge: I’m calling about the ‘We Support the Badge’ signs. I support the badge when they do their jobs. They need to start enforcing traffic laws, especially speeders, instead of these dang seatbelt laws. Do your dang job, then I will support you.

On ending permit requirements to carry guns: I would support getting rid of concealed carry permits but keeping the training requirements. That would make the most sense to me. I don’t believe government should profit from you exercising your constitutional rights, and I also don’t think people should be walking around with absolutely no training.

On President Trump: Mr. Trump, for many of us who voted for you, the promises of Obamacare revision, deregulation, infrastructure renovation, immigration resolution and an end to congressional gridlock seem to be just what the doctor ordered. What we have gotten is nothing, together with idiotic twittering, which has served to alienate our allies and produce nothing to make American great again.

On CNN: CNN finally got it right by firing Kathy Griffin for her outrageous behavior. Now let’s see if they can get it right with Reza Aslan, and then there’s staged protest in London, and then there’s Anderson Cooper. What will they do? Credibility crisis at CNN.

On threats to democracy: The Democratic Party rigging its own primary also threatens our democracy, and everybody ignores that as well.

On Trump versus FBI director: James Comey has no credibility. He destroyed that himself a long time ago. I hate to burst the bubble of all the Trump haters out there, but there’s absolutely nothing going to come of this.

On final exams: This is concerning the Janesville School District, the high schools Craig and Parker. Taking the final exams away from the students is just hurting the students tremendously. This is a preparation to get them ready for college. It’s ridiculous that it’s up to the teachers whether to give them or not. No, go back to giving final exams and quit letting the teachers decide whether to give them or not to give them.

On Janesville School Board awarding $1,000 stipends: Thank you to Kevin Murray for seeing through the hoax of the $1,000 stipend for secretaries, clerks and aides. The temporary 50 cent per hour compensation added to the notoriously low wage compared to area districts will not remedy the wage gaps. There have been virtually no raises since Act 10 decimated the pay structure.

On GazetteXtra’s “Janesville from Above” video: I hope they take a good picture of the Monterey lagoon because that thing of great beauty will no longer exist after the dam is removed. What a shame.

On Wednesday Sound Off comment about a safety hazard: Whoever made that comment about a safety hazard at the Burger King that used to be on Centerway, your kids should not be playing there. Kids should not be playing in a parking lot, so you should not worry about whether or not a parking lot is clear of glass.



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