ELKHORN—Every day before Principal Chris Tottier leaves for work at Elkhorn High School, he tells his children the same thing.

“Work hard, have fun, make good choices, and be great,” Tottier said.

He gave the same advice to 194 graduating students at Elkhorn Area High School on Thursday night.

Graduate Christopher Dettman welcomed family, friends and staff to the graduation ceremony with “love, drive and glorious prospects."

He thanked the crowd for their support and encouraged his peers to appreciate those who helped them make it this milestone.

“The Class of 2017 is a reflection of the time, effort, financial investment and sacrifice you have made with the interest of every person standing on this stage tonight,” Dettmann said. “We are all grateful.”

High school is your Candyland

Philip Meersman brought graduates and attendees back to their childhood with his senior address.

Like pieces on a game board, people are likely to get caught up in trying to move forward, Meersman said. But he stressed the importance of remembering to live in the moment.

“High school is our Candyland,” Meersman said. “We spent countless hours sprinting toward the castle that is graduation. We haven't stopped to smell the candy roses.”

Late, but not behind

Joe Polk's senior address was one of the only high school events he was on time for.

Polk graduated with high honors and a member of the National Honor Society, despite being late to almost everything.

As a self-proclaimed “bleacher creature,” Polk spent his high school days as a strong Elks supporter and used his address to show his pride for his class' accomplishments in athletics, arts and academics.

“I've been inspired in so many ways by you, Class of 2017, and all your accomplishments,” Polk said.

Where the choir sings

Family, friends, staff and graduates clapped in unison as the senior choir sang one of the most recognizable lines in television music history: "So no one told me life was gonna be this way."

“I'll Be There For You,” was the Class of 2017 class song.

Sticking with the theme of friendship, class President Kendall Peak spoke on the strong bonds formed between students and staff during high school.

“I think one of the best things about this school is that there seems to be at least one teacher for everyone,” Peak said.

Many of the teachers taught their students lessons that would be value far beyond the classroom, Peak said.


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