We would like to thank the Janesville VFW for the venue, the Honor Guard Firing Squad, and the Janesville Historical Society for sharing a part of its collection of local history.

Also, Chris Campbell, who works with support of the Wisconsin National Guards and Reserves.

Bob Evans, a doctor at the National Guard in Madison.

Jim Opolony, a retired high school teacher who actually studied and taught his students about the war atrocities inflicted on our local 192nd Tank Battalion, Co. ‘A’ National Guard unit and the 192nd Co. ‘B’ National Guard unit of Maywood, Illinois.

Stan Milam of The Gazette, for writing an article prior to the event and reaching out to interested members of the community.

Also, those families and friends of many members of the 192nd tank unit who helped by offering information and pictures.

Consider taking an hour out of your day Sunday, May 26, at 7 p.m. to join us at the downtown Corn Exchange Tank Monument site for observance and “Remember Bataan!” Rain or shine.

Patrick Brown

Chris Campbell Marie Severson

Stan Milam

Jim Opolony

Committee members