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Frank Schultz
Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My real job is being a newspaper reporter, so I have to keep my political opinions out of the public sphere. Therefore, don’t construe any of the following as being in favor or one side or the other.

This is Word Badger’s Political Edition, in which I take a look at some of the words flying through political airspace in recent days. As political junkie and fellow GazetteXtra blogger John Eyster says, here we go:

-- The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign complains all the time about the political process. That’s its job. Its latest complaint is about the massive influx of campaign cash into the Badger State. Someone at the WDC had a great title for the news release: “Check Republic.” Newspaper headline writers should feel envious.

-- Blaberals and Rethuglicans. Those were two slams from online commenters on Gazette stories recently. As a political junkie, I appreciate the creativity. As citizen, I wonder whether the name-calling is a symptom of a chronic illness in our political process. What do you think?

-- Money bomb. This is a fundraising device used all across the political spectrum. The fundraisers set a date by which they want to reach a certain fund-raising goal and say they want to expend this "money bomb" to defeat the other side. I recently saw one of these email solicitations bemoaning the fact that the other side’s money bomb was bigger than its own.

Again, is the reference to mass violence just verbal creativity, or is it the tip of a nasty political iceberg?

-- Walker spot. I heard this one from a local Democrat who was referring to the round, hairless spot at the back of his head, something that also plagues Word Badger and so many other 40- and 50- and 60-something men. As in, “My Walker spot is growing, AND I DON’T LIKE IT.”

Gov. Walker, of course, has quite the Walker spot, which in public is camouflaged by a comb-over, so you don’t notice it from frontal TV angles. But to be fair, Walker’s spot, as far as I can tell, is nothing compared with the shiny dome of our last governor, Democrat Jim Doyle.

I wonder if “Walker spot” will catch on.

Feel free to comment on any choice political language that has caught your fancy. But as usual, keep it civil, and keep it clean, but most of all, keep it funny, if at all possible.

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