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NJ GOP GOV. AWAKENS to Medicaid expansion! WI SCOTT still sleeping!!

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John Eyster
February 28, 2013

NJ GOP GOV. AWAKENS to Medicaid expansion! WI SCOTT still sleeping!!

Did YOU see that NJ Governor CHRIS CHRISTIE has NOW awakened to the benefits for WE THE PEOPLE of NJ with the Affordable Health Care Act’s MEDICAID EXPANSION provision? What about WI Governor SCOTT WALKER? Will our WI SCOTT awaken? Will our WI SCOTT awaken?

I guess our WI SCOTT is deep in winter hibernation with the benefits of the DEEP SNOW in WI. I would suggest that the SNOW IS DEEPER in our STATE CAPITOL than anywhere else in WI! What do YOU think?

We are getting SNOWED by Gov. Walker’s 2-year WI State Budget. Having read the budget with numerous analyses, I am amazed at our WI SCOTT’s ability to play the “shell game” with OUR $$$ and SNOW US!

I know my assessment of Gov. Walker’s so-called income tax cut proposal. I urge you to read Jason Stein’s feature report “Much of tax savings from Scott Walker's proposed cut would go to top 20%” published last Sunday, 2/24 by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

I also read Mary Spicuzz’a analysis in last Tuesday’s Wisconsin State Journal which is based on data by the highly credible Legislative Fiscal Bureau, “Average taxpayer would save $83 under Gov. Walker’s proposed income tax cut.”

This article also reports, “The Fiscal Bureau analysis found that people who earn more than $100,000 per year would make up less than 20 percent of those receiving a tax cut in 2014, but would get more than 49 percent of the total $170 million cut Walker is proposing that year.”

No surprise as benefits go to the WEALTHY in WALKER’s budget!

Last Sunday, 2/24, I reported on the AWAKENING of FL SCOTT to the Medicaid expansion benefits for the PEOPLE of FL asking whether our WI SCOTT would AWAKEN. Here is the link to that blog post, "FL SCOTT AWOKE! WILL WI SCOTT AWAKEN?"

AND NOW, yesterday, we got the reports that REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR CHRIS CHRISTIE awoke to the benefits of the Affordable Health Care Act’s EXPANSION OF MEDICAID for the PEOPLE of NEW JERSEY. He specifically asserted that it would be MORALLY WRONG for him to deny that help for the PEOPLE of NEW JERSEY!

So, what about WE THE PEOPLE of WI, Gov. Scott Walker?! Is YOUR personal political career MORE important than WE THE PEOPLE of WI?! I say, “NO!” What do YOU, readers of my WE THE PEOPLE blog say? I’ll be reading every comment.

I am calling Governor Walker’s office today to URGE that they AWAKEN our WI SCOTT TODAY! The phone number is: (608) 266-1212. If YOU want to use E-MAIL, use this link “E-mail form for WI Governor’s office.”

Here we go…

Mr. E.

John W. Eyster lives in the Edgerton area. He is an adjunct professor of political science at UW-Whitewater and an advocate for Project Citizen, a model curriculum for democracy/civics education in Wisconsin high schools. John is a community blogger and is not a part of The Gazette staff. His opinion is not necessarily that of the The Gazette staff or management.

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