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“Teen shares tragedy to raise awareness about domestic violence”

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John Eyster
Sunday, November 25, 2012

“Teen shares tragedy to raise awareness about domestic violence"

CHANGE OF SUBJECT! I confess – I started to draft a post for my WE THE PEOPLE blog this morning with several political issues on my list… and then I read ANNA MARIE LUX’s “Between the Lines” feature in today’s Janesville Gazette, “Teen shares tragedy to raise awareness about domestic violence.” REALITY! Close to home!! I urge you to read this feature column today!

Salute with thanks to HARMONY SHEPHERD, Parker High School student, for taking courage to TELL HER OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE of DOMESTIC ABUSE which tragically involved the murder of her second cousins, 22-year-old Michelle Kern and 19-yesar-old Malinda Kern and Michelle’s two sons, 3-year-old Jack and 9-month-old Gage.

Added commendation and thanks to ANNA MARIE LUX for using her deft writing skill to share HARMONY’s personal testimony! I urge you to read this “Between the Lines” column as soon as possible. IF you are a subscribed to the Janesville Gazette, YOU can read it ONLINE NOW. I read it earlier this morning. IF you are not a subscriber, I urge you to buy a PRINT EDITION of today’s Gazette and read the column which starts at the bottom of the front page. Just do it! YOU owe it to yourself and others!!

VERY GRATEFUL TOO that Anna Marie Lux and the Gazette cited the YouTube video featuring HARMONY’s report. I urge that you make time to watch this video as a complment to reading the “Between The Lines” column. You can use this link to watch HARMONY’s video, “Domestic Violence Awareness” which was posted on October 19, 2012. Just do it! YOU owe it to yourself and others!!

This is a VERY significant video with identification, “Created by Harmony Shepherd in memory of her family and to build awareness of domestic violence. October is National Domestic Violence Awareness month. If you’d like to help out, donations can be made to Parker High School. All proceeds go directly to the YWCA Domestic Violence Shelter.”

I myself went to our ROCK COUNTY YWCA’s website to learn directly more about the domestic violence services in Rock County. Use this link to check for yourself, Domestic Violence Services, YWCA Rock County.

I am not sure about the channeling of contributions via Parker High School as suggested in the YouTube video description. I myself chose to go directly to our Rock County YWCA’s website to make my contribution in HONOR of HARMONY SHEPHERD. I encourage YOU to make such a special contribution in HONOR of HARMONY too! You can access the online contribution form using this link, “Donate Now.”

I look forward to reading COMMENTS on this WE THE PEOPLE blog post. I invite YOU to share your own personal experience with DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.

I note that last month (October) was National Domestic Violence month – that’s when Harmony posted her video on YouTube. Let’s do what we can to stop DOMESTIC VIOLENCE! What do YOU suggest?

Here we go…

Mr. E.

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