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“Ryan gets back to reality”

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John Eyster
Wednesday, November 14, 2012

“Ryan gets back to reality."

GOOD to hear STAN MILAM on WCLO again yesterday morning! His INTERVIEW with re-elected US HOUSE REPRESENTATIVE PAUL RYAN was broadcast. VERY valuable conversation with US House District #1 Rep. Paul Ryan. With Stan's incisive and poignant questions and Paul's forthc oming responses, I evaluate the interview to be “A+”. What is YOUR evaluation?

Yes, it was VERY GOOD to hear STAN MILAM on WCLO yesterday morning! I do miss STAN’s outstanding journalism on WCLO (1230 AM). I remember waking up to STAN’s voice as he reported the NEWS morning after morning when we first moved to JANESVILLE.

I remember with GRATITUDE the high quality of information with perspective and analysis provided on THE STAN MILAM SHOW on WCLO. I miss that QUALITY on WCLO these days so I listen much less often. What is YOUR comment re. “Your Talk Show” these days on WCLO?

YESTERDAY morning STAN MILAM’s INTERVIEW with re-elected US HOUSE REPRESENTATIVE PAUL RYAN was broadcast. A reminder of the HIGH QUALITY of STAN’s professional journalism. I appreciated very much the incisive and poignant questions which STAN asked Congressman RYAN. And, I appreciated very much the forthcoming responses articulated by PAUL. I evaluate the interview to be “A+”. What is YOUR evaluation?

IF you missed the interview yesterday, it is available on PODCAST on WCLO Radio’s website, “Paul Ryan & Guys on Ice.” FREE & EASY ACCESS via the link above.

I had read STAN MILAM’s report of his interview with CONGRESSMAN PAUL RYAN as the lead article on the front page of yesterday’s JANESVILLE GAZETTE, “Ryan gets back to reality: Janesville native reflects on ‘positive experience’ of presidential campaign.”

Again, STAN’s skills as a journalist shine through in this feature article. (I am NOT allowed to give you a link to the Gazette feature article, but YOU will HEAR the interview on WCLO’s podcast. LINK ABOVE.)

Having known STAN MILAM and PAUL RYAN since moving to JANESVILLE, I was VERY HAPPY to hear this direct and candid interview. Better to hear than to read since one gets a better FEEL of the communications. Stan and Paul are both REAL! I mean they reflect their REAL personalities.

To be honest, I prefer the PAUL RYAN, native son of Janesville, WI over PAUL RYAN candidate for Republican Vice-president. I agree with PAUL’s very incisive analysis of the differences of his image and reputation in those two roles.

PAUL asserts that as representative of US House District #1 he has been identified as a “SON OF JANESVILLE, WI” with MORE awareness of him as a Janesville native without the strict REPUBLICAN partisan identity while as REP Vice-president candidate he was clearly identified as a conservative REPUBLICAN. I agree. Do YOU?

I think many voters in US House District #1 were SURPRISED as they learned about Rep. Ryan’s role and identity in WASHINGTON, DC. His right-wing Republican identity was NOT CLEARLY communicated in ROCK COUNTY, WI before the national campaign. In fact, were you too stunned by the fact that PAUL RYAN chose to have his homecoming rally after being selected to be VP candidate by Mitt Romney in WAUKESHA, WI?
“Romney-Ryan bus tour rally in Waukesha, WI" This is the C-Span video from August 12, 2012. C-Span reports, “The event was called a ‘homecoming rally.’...” “HOME”?! Why NOT Janesville, WI? I am suggest that Paul Ryan and the Romney campaign KNEW that there was RISK of SMALL TURNOUT in Janesville, WI. What do YOU think?

If you listen to the STAN MILAM interview of Congressman Ryan, YOU will hear the JANESVILLE PAUL RYAN. He is the HOMETOWN BOY both in terms of his identity as spouse and father living on Courthouse Hill in Janesville. He is the father who goes to the “Y” and Scouts with his children. He is the grateful and friendly neighbor.

Again, PAUL clearly articulates his awareness of the SHIFT of role and identity when he was Vice-president candidate with Romney. NOW, who is PAUL RYAN? Is he the ideologue of Washington, DC and the ROMNEY CAMPAIGN or is he the REPRESENTATIVE of ALL the people of US House District #1?

Paul claims that he is focused on being the REPRESNTATIVE of ALL the people of US House District #1 NOW. He sets aside STAN MILAM’s inquiry about thoughts about a Presidential campaign in 2016. NOW is NOT the time to start thinking about 2016, Paul asserts.

STAN deftly moves the interview to the “FISCAL CLIFF.” That’s the KEY issue facing the US HOUSE now as the lame duck session convened yesterday. Congressman Ryan articulated his expectation to be named CHAIR of the House Budget Committee for the new session of the House which starts January 2013. He reports that Speaker Boehner and he have talked about the appointment and he is assured of being the Chair. IF SO, that makes Rep. Ryan KEY in the “FISCAL CLIFF” negotiations with the US Senate and US President Obama. Which ROLE will Rep. Ryan take in WASHINGTON, DC in those negotiations?

STAN brought into focus a KEY issue which critiques of the Romney campaign brought into the spotlight again and again, “What are the specifics on increasing revenues?”

This interview – in print and broadcast – clarified for me what the Romney campaign meant with its plan. SET A CAP ON DEDUCTIONS – Romney proposed $35,000 cap on deductions - and let taxpayers choose where to take those deductions. This plan would INCREASE the tax revenue from wealthy taxpayers since most of them have MORE deductions than middle-class taxpayers. I LIKE THIS IDEA! What do YOU think?

If you want more information, read Jonathan Weisman’s article published by the New York Times yesterday, “Democrats Like a Romney Idea on Income Tax.”

It appears that President Obama is supportive of this idea. In fact, Weisman’s article reports that the President has had an income tax deduction cap proposal, “The cap — never fully detailed by Mr. Romney — is similar to a longstanding proposal by Mr. Obama to limit income tax deductions to 28 percent, even for affluent households that pay a 35 percent rate. But a firm cap of around $35,000 would hit the affluent even harder than Mr. Obama’s proposal, which has previously gotten nowhere in Congress.”

Putting the fiscal cliff negotiations in context NOW – post-election – Weisman quotes, Rep. Jeb Hensarling of Texas, Chairman of the House Republican Conference, “’The worst time to work together on a bipartisan basis is right before an election. The best time to work on a bipartisan basis is right after an election.’” Now to see what is DONE now that it is the “best time to work on a bipartisan basis”! I am HOPEFUL! Are YOU?

I do, however, have reservations: Having observed the partisan stances on various public policy issues through decades, I wonder how the DEDUCTIONS CAP idea will fair. DEMOCRATS and REPUBLICANS are ALL guilty of shifting their support for a particular public policy away when THE OTHER PARTY picks it up so as to AVOID a BI-PARTISAN policy. Consider the dynamic as you look at various public policy discussions since 2009 with special attention to the 2012 campaign cycle. WILL THE REPUBLICANS NOW MOVE AWAY FROM THE $35,000 DEDUCTION CAP public policy proposal by their Presidential Candidate Romney as President Obama and the DEMOCRATS endorse and support it? What do YOU think?

I wonder how Rep. Paul Ryan, assuming he continues to be the Chair of the House Budget Committee, will stand on this very significant way to INCREASE REVENUE without changing TAX RATES. What do YOU expect?

IF you want another interview with re-elected Congressman Paul Ryan, read Bill Blaubers' "After trying campaign, Ryan says losing a race 'a foreign experience'" published by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Monday, 11/12/2012.

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