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Everyone loves NORWEGIAN Christmas treats!

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John Eyster
Friday, December 7, 2012

Everyone loves NORWEGIAN Christmas treats!

TOMORROW is our SONS OF NORWAY Norwegian Pastry Sale from 8 am - Noon. Alle sammen hjertelig velkommen! (Norwegian = everyone heartily welcome!)

Are you aware that IF you are a NORWEGIAN host/hostess (whether in Norway or the USA), TRADITION requires you to have 7 – yes, 7 – different kinds of cookies to serve!

Walking downtown OSLO, NORWAY a few years ago, my wife (Marilyn) and I saw this sign outside a bakery "Arets Julebakst - 7 slag. Vi baker for deg!” The English translation is, “This year’s Christmas baking. 7 kinds/types. We bake for you!”

IF you are looking for someone to BAKE FOR YOU, I have this follow-up reminder: TOMORROW MORNING (Sat., 12/08) from 8 am to noon, the women of the Janesville Sons of Norway NORDLAND LODGE (418 W. Milwaukee Street) will have their NORWEGIAN PASTRY SALE. ALLE SAMMEN HJERTELIG VELKOMMEN! (Norwegian = everyone heartily welcome!)

Additional information: Hosted by the women of the Sons of Norway. Call (608) 365-1369 or (608) 752-6566.

I myself am baking Norwegian KRUMKAKER for our Sons of Norway Christmas Pastries Sale tomorrow morning. If you want to see a picture and read about KRUMKAKER, I suggest you use this link to Wikipedia's article, "Krumkake." NOTE: "Krumkake" is singular and "Krumkaker" is plural. Krumkaker are BEST served with REAL WHIPPED CREAM with berries (straw, blue, rasp, black) mixed in… YUMMY!

TOMORROW MORNING at our SONS OF NORWAY Norwegian pastry sale I am banking on a healthy cup of NORWEGIAN coffee with treats. And buying some ROSETTER. (If you want to be reminded as to what rosetter look like, use this link to see the Wikipedia article w/picture, “Rosette.” Again, "rosette" is singular. "Rosetter" is plural. YUMMY!

I am sure that YOU will find the requisite 7 different Christmas treats at … and, MORE… You are HJERTELIG VELKOMMEN (Norwegian = heartily welcome)!

Here we go…

Mr. E.

ALERT! I have been writing my WE THE PEOPLE blog post for today with its historic significance both PEARL HARBOR ATTACK and the immediate attack in the PHILIPPINES where our JANESVILLE MEN were on duty. Expect to post later today.

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