ABRAHAM LINCOLN in Janesville, Wisconsin New Monument Dedication

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John Eyster
October 5, 2011

ALERT! THANKS to my colleague GLEN LOYD for posting his video, "Lincoln and the Rock River" on his blog yesterday morning! Take a LOOK at his blog, "glen loyd videos."

ABRAHAM LINCOLN in Janesville, Wisconsin New Monument Dedication this Friday, the 7th of October at 12:15 pm. JOIN in the dedication of this monument at the site where ABRAHAM LINCOLN delivered a speech on Saturday, October 1, 1859. I plan to be there. See YOU there? I HOPE SO!

On the campaign trail running for US President, ABRAHAM LINCOLN came to JANESVILLE, WI on Saturday, October 1, 1859 on the invitation of William Tallman and others who went to Beloit to persuade Lincoln to come to Janesville. Mr. Tallman offered the hospitality of his home.

Lincoln did come to Janesville with Mr. Tallman and the others. He spoke to the JANESVILLE REPUBLICAN CLUB at the YOUNG AMERICA HALL on Saturday evening. That hall was located in what is now the parking lot for Johnson Bank, 1 South Main Street. This is the event which will be commemorated this coming Friday, the 7th of October 2011 at 12:15 pm at the new monument commemorating Lincoln’s speech in Janesville, WI.

The dedication will take place in the west side of the Johnson Bank’s parking lot near the pedestrian crosswalk to Olde Towne Mall. Refreshments will be served in the lower level of Olde Towne Mall after the ceremony. In case off inclement weather, the ceremony will be held in Olde Towne Mall. EVERYONE IS WELCOME!

This monument has been donated by the family of Vic Skelly, a long-time Janesville Fire Fighter.

I think most WE THE PEOPLE readers will know or know about PETER SKELLY of Janesville, son of Vic. Peter has been a long-time student of ABRAHAM LINCOLN and led numerous activities and events celebrating ABRAHAM LINCOLN in WISCONSIN. He has been a very active member and leader of “The Lincoln Fellowship of Wisconsin.” Check the website for more information and a membership form perchance YOU are interested in joining. The membership fee is $25. Check it out.

Pete was a member of the “Wisconsin Lincoln Bicentennial Commission” created to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s

There was also a NATIONAL celebration “Lincoln Bicentennial – 1809 – 2009.” Excellent online resource on Abraham Lincoln.

Reading the biographies of our WI Commission, one reads about PETER SKELLY:

“Peter Skelly, Wisconsin Lincoln Fellowship President and Historian Mr. Skelly is a lifelong Janesville resident. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater with a bachelor degree in History and Political Science in 1976. He has been employed by The Cincinnati Insurance Companies for over 25 years, currently serving as a Field Claims Superintendent.

“A lifelong student of history he has maintained his involvement in the field by being active in several historical groups. He is a member of the Rock County Historical Society, currently serving on its education committee. Mr. Skelly is founding president of the Rock County Civil War Round Table and has continued to preside over this organization for 14 years. He also is a member of the Milwaukee Civil War Round Table. A member of the Lincoln Fellowship of Wisconsin for almost 20 years, he has been a board member since 1991. He has served as its vice president and is currently serving as its president.

“Mr. Skelly has researched several aspects of the history of Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War. His article on Brother Joseph Dutton as a Civil War Soldier and later a missionary to the leper colony of Molokai was published in Blue and Gray Magazine. He has also spoken to several service organizations on Civil War related topics.”

THANKS TO PETER SKELLY for his special public service with his special interest in, study of and work to encourage learning about and remembering ABRAHAM LINCOLN!

Lincoln’s 1859 visit was unexpectedly extended when he missed the train he expected to take on Sunday morning, October 2, 1859. His host, William Tallman, invited Lincoln to join his family as was their Sunday habit in going to the Service of Worship at First Congregational Church just down the hill from the Tallman House.

BOTH the TALLMAN HOUSE and FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH are in the SAME LOCATIONS as in 1859. While the TALLMAN HOUSE is as it was in 1859, the CHURCH is a different building due to a fire which destroyed most of the building where LINCOLN went to church with the Tallman Family, but at exactly the SAME location.

The church location already has plaques celebrating LINCOLN’S visit on Sunday, October 2, 1959. You can use this link to see the plaques and read more about LINCOLN’s visit to the church, “First Congregational Church, Janesville, WI” – Waymarking website.


I announced the planned celebration the sesquicentennial (150th) anniversary of LINCOLN’s visit at First Congregational UCC coming on Sunday, September 27, 2009 in my WE THE PEOPLE blog on Tuesday, August 25, 2009, “Celebrating Lincoln’s visit to Janesville on September 27, 2009.”

And then I followed up on Sunday, September 20, 2009 posting, “ABRAHAM LINCOLN returning to JANESVILLE next Sunday!”

Reporting on the celebration, The Janesville Gazette published STACY VOGEL’s feature article reporting on the sesquicentennial celebration at First Congregational UCC on its front page on Monday, September 28, 2009 complemented by a photo gallery, “Janesville goes back in time to celebrate historic visit.”

First Congregational United Church of Christ posted a feature report on the sesquicentennial celebration online, “Sesquicentennial Celebration: Lincoln Worshiping at First Congregational UCC – October 2, 1859.” This report is also complemented with numerous pictures. Take a look!

IF you are interested to see the video of the SESQUICENTENNIAL SERVICE from Sunday, September 27, 2009, you will find it on YouTube, “The 150th Anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s Visit to Janesville, Wisconsin.” This is the video which JATV Media recorded and ran on cable numerous times after the celebration. NOW it is available on YouTube. Take a look.

I HOPE YOU TOO will be among the persons celebrating ABRAHAM LINCOLN’s visit to JANESVILLE, WI in 1859 and sharing the DEDICATION CEREMONY on Friday, the 7th of October at 12:15 pm. I plan to be there. Will I see YOU there?

Here we go…

Mr. E.

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