Pomp and Circumstance

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Lisa Parsley
Sunday, June 10, 2012

I read the Graduation insert in the Gazette this past week and was amazed at the size of it. It seems to be the final toll of the bell telling me that, yes, I am from a different era. Because when I graduated from high school, there were over 600 kids in my class. It didnít look like there were that many in the entire Rock County area this year.

I suspect it is because Iím of the unlabeled generation, born just slightly past the baby boomer period but before the generation X--one of the kids of the 60ís from families where it was common to have five or six children. It would have been unusual to have only one or two siblings. The result of this was a large graduating class.

I remember the gym being packed with proud parents and grandparents and/or siblings (only 6 tickets per graduate, please), and a sea of sweating be-robed seniors. It was H-O-T in there. I also remember that instead of handing out our diploma (actually empty diploma case, as final grades werenít in) in alphabetical order, they lined us up and seated us by height. Can you imagine trying to get six HUNDRED kids lined up by height? I canít remember who orchestrated it, but man, they should be working for the government. Stuff would get done!

I donít know if that arrangement was designed to be a cheap form of stadium seating (petite gymnast sized girls in the front, basketball stars in the back) or just an effort to keep kids away from their cliques. At first I was miffed, because with a last name beginning with M, I would have been in the middle and gotten up to the podium sooner. Instead, being a tallish girl, I was seated ĺ of the way back, surrounded by boys.

I guess I didnít mind so much after all.

My youngest niece just graduated on Friday to all the necessary pomp and circumstance, with a future so bright, sheís gotta wear shades. (Yes, I am a child of the 80ísÖ)

Congrats to her and all the 2012 grads. Caps off to you.

Do you have any graduation tales to relate? Did you have a big blowout or a small family gathering? Please share.

P.S. As a final food note, Iím bringing a salad or two to my nieceís graduation party. My broccoli slaw is a given (my go-to salad) but Iím torn about what else to take. Pasta salad? Veggie salad? Does anyone have any tried and true pot luck ideas? Let me know!

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