What's your favorite career flick?

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Trish Skram
Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I enjoy watching movies when I have some downtime. Especially movies that make me laugh. Iím not really into horror. However, my movie tastes arenít biased. Point is, I love a great movie and I enjoy a story that is motivational, inspiring and intellectually moving.

A few weeks ago I watched the 1988 film ďWorking GirlĒ with Harrison Ford and Melanie Griffin. Yes, I know. Itís not intellectually challenging. In fact, itís a bit tacky with a lot of big hair and substandard acting. Itís sort of a modern-day corporate Cinderella story. However, I couldnít help but feel motivated to keep fighting for my creative ideas and goals as a professional. Itís a movie set in the 80s when not too many women where in leadership positions. Itís about personal perseverance, believing in yourself and finding your own way to climb the corporate ladder or get ahead.

I got to thinking about other Blockbuster films about careers and work-life balance. Especially films that motivate and boost career advancement.

My favorites are movies that teach valuable career lessons.

My top three:

Pursuit of Happiness

I enjoyed this flick because it made me feel a strong connection to having the drive to believe hard work really does pay off. I love the line Chris (Will smith) says to his son during a pivotal moment in the film, ďDonít let anyone tell you that you canít do something.Ē To me that says there is always a way if there is a will. Find it and own it. If you donít like your current career, change it. Itís never too late to make something of yourself.

The best part is itís based on a true story and the real-life experiences of Christopher Gardner. His will to succeed is inspiring, and every time I watch I feel more energized to take on the working world; it certainly motivates.

Jerry Mcguire

Well, I love Tom Cruise. What girl doesnít? But all that aside, I consider this a personal favorite because itís about ethics, morals and staying true to who you are as a professional. Letís face it, there can be moral confusion in the workplace. In fact, itís an issue many people deal with frequently. Though itís often seen as a romantic comedy but itís a story that says itís possible to love what you do, make a difference and have a great career without having to be cut-throat in the process.

Last Chance Harvey

This movie realistically portrays people lost in the wrong jobs. Itís about two middle-aged single people struggling at work, with family relationships and with romance. Both characters are unsatisfied with their jobs, settled for a career they donít like. To me, itís a great career film because so many Americans are in jobs they wish they werenít in or even hate. The lesson here is that life is too short to be in a career you donít like. Find your passion and youíll never see it as ď actual work.Ē

But I havenít seen them all. What are your favorite career flicks and why? Join the conversation!

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