Eating Change for Breakfast

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Shar Hermanson
Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I eat change for breakfast. Change happens every day, and it is hard. It is our job to take the changes, digest them in little bites and keep moving ahead.

Several years ago, I decided to make a huge change and reinvent myself. What a journey. Since then, the world I know and love—advertising and marketing—has completely changed. Business has changed. It is harder. Customers are scarce. Customers now demand amazing customer service, and they can tell hundreds of people instantly if they are dissatisfied

During one of my project management training trips, the trainer stated boldly, “I am an agent for change.” She built her career embracing and implementing change. That sounded amazing. I decided I would become a superhero for change, a change agent. I would eat change for breakfast, like a bowl of Oreos and milk.
My sights were set. I was open to change. I was going to change my work habits, my work environment and the world around me. I was 120 percent committed to pass through this transitional tunnel and come out whole on the other side. Little did I know, the world around me would change more in the next four years than it had in the prior 80 years.

Changing careers, companies, and communities is difficult. Our workplaces and businesses are changing. We can’t stop that. The more we dig in and try to put the brakes on, the more change hurts as it keeps passing over us.
Through all of this, I have relied continually on my friends and family. It’s important to have a foundation while change disrupts our lives.

Each day, I reach out to people who are also eating change for breakfast. They provide valuable insights on the change process. I have learned much about embracing change. I can share my insights and experiences to help others eat a little bowl of change Oreos for breakfast.

What advice do you have for embracing change?

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