5 fun gadgets to spruce up your office

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Trish Skram
Friday, July 8, 2011

If your workspace is dull, uninspiring, and cluttered with a wilted plant sitting in the corner, I encourage you to read on. Whether you work in an office cubicle or home office, there’s always a way to spruce up your current workspace with fun gadgets. This goes for the office break room as well. With a little effort and a small amount of cash, you can offer you and/or your employees a place to have fun in as well as a place to be more productive and creative.

Here are 5 fun gadgets that can help spice up your office workspace:

Fridge magnets. You know … the ones where you can create cool and fun phrases? I find that they encourage creativity and you can get a nice laugh out of them as well. I found an entire slew of them at Wal-Mart.

Dry erase board. My office has at least four of them. We use them in creative meetings, brainstorming, team building, etc. I use them at home for messages to myself, quotes I like and personal affirmations. I love them.

Photos and collages. Show your appreciation for your colleagues, and staff or bring in photos of family and friends. But don’t go overboard. Then, continue to refresh your photo collage. It can serve as a great talking point as well.

Fun conference room coasters. I like Target and Pier One. Both stores in town have great coasters with affordable prices.

Stress balls. Who doesn’t like a stress ball to play with?

What works for you? How do you promote a positive work environment while working? Join the conversation.

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