7 ways to prolong office supplies

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Trish Skram
Friday, April 1, 2011

Notepads. Copies. Binders. Folders. Pens. Staples. All are common office supplies needed for every day projects in and around the office. But, let’s face it. Businesses everywhere are looking for ways to cut costs.

When using office supplies that we haven’t paid for out of our own pockets, it’s easy to forget how the cost of items like paper, binders and file folders can add up. Organizations appreciate workers who take a careful, cost-effective approach to using supplies.

Are you doing your part? Here are a few simple reminders to help prolong the life of your office supplies:

• Think double-sided printing, note taking, etc. Always.

• If you don’t have to have it, don't buy it! Do you really need those cool colored pens? Probably not. All too often we buy office supplies on impulse.

• Get laminated wall message boards. This is great idea for post-it users.

• Recycle!

• Use Microsoft Office’s edit/tracking function in Word for proofing or taking notes. Then email instead of using paper.

• Take elastic bands and paper clips off documents before you throw away.

• If you don’t already, designate a place in your office for discarded/scrap paper for everyone to use. Before printing agendas for a meeting, refer to that place for the paper, instead of the printer paper.

How do you help save on supplies in the office? Join the conversation!

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