Old timer invites you to hear his playlist on Record Store Day

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Andrew Beaumont
Friday, April 19, 2013

When it comes to music, some folks would say Iím old fashioned.

I still have all the vinyl and cassettes I bought during my misspent childhood and continue to buy records, both new and old.

My iPod is an old ďclassicĒ version with the clicking wheel. None of that touchscreen stuff for me.

Another way I could be considered old fashioned is how I listen to music. Despite having more than 16,000 songs on said iPod, I donít use the shuffle function. When I listen to music I choose an artist, then an album and crank up the volume.

In fact, I recently just made my first-ever playlist. The occasion is Saturdayís Record Store Day event at The Exclusive Company in Janesville.

Observed on the third Saturday in every April since 2008, Record Store Day is a celebration of the art of music, independent record stores and the unique culture that surrounds the stores.

Special vinyl and CD releases and various promotional products are made exclusively for the day and artists around the world make special appearances and performances. A list of products can be found at their website.

The Janesville store will mark the day with live performances by a few area bands and music selected by a few customers, including yours truly.

The most difficult thing for me was whittling my playlist down to an hourís worth of music. When I first began selecting songs, I came away with nearly four hours of music.

I ended up with 11 songs from a variety of artists that I enjoy listening to and also influenced me as a musician. However, I tried to pick songs that arenít as well known, but are among my favorites. I also wound up with a bit of a theme.

The doors open at 8 a.m., and Iím scheduled to take over the sound system at 11 a.m. Swing by, take a listen, compliment and/or criticize.

And while youíre there, support your local independent music store. Itís what Record Store Day is all about.

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