Your music north star

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Shawn Sensiba
Thursday, September 13, 2012

Who's your music north star?

By that I mean what musician (band or individual) would those close to you say is your top favorite? The person or band whose work you always return to, whose work you would cite as a personal favorite.

For example, I work with a number of people at The Gazette whom I would characterize as music lovers. Several of them have a band that I closely associate with that person. When I think of that person, I immediately draw to mind that band. Conversely, when I think of that band, I immediately think of that Gazette staffer as a serious and devoted fan.

Our editor Scott Angus loves a lot of music and a lot of different bands. Of that there is no doubt, but anyone who knows Angus knows that he is first and foremost a fan of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. Simple as that.

Andy Beaumont is another rabid music fan on our staff. His musical taste ranges far and wide. But at the heart of it, he is an Iron Maiden fan. True and blue.

Dave von Falkenstein, a musician/music nut who runs The Gazette's website, is above all else a fan of U2.

Gazette business reporter Jim Leute is a dedicated fan of the work of guitarist Mark Knopfler, beginning with his days in Dire Straits and continuing into his long string of solo albums. Jim can always tell you where Mr. Knopfler is in terms of touring or recording. That's the way fans are. I admire that. I admire people who have strong opinions and form strong bonds. That's what music fans do, in my opinion.

Who's my music star? People kid me a lot about my love for gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt, but I think the artist I would immediately bring to mind for Gazetteers is British guitarist Richard Thompson. I rarely miss the opportunity to bore staffers with news about new Thompson releases or sing his praises as the best/most versatile singer/songwriter/guitar god combination in the world. Everybody just rolls their eyes and thinks: “There goes Shawn again.”

Is there a musician or band that you hold closest to your heart? An artist that seems to speak directly to and for you? Share your thoughts with us. Perhaps your interests could open new realms for all of us.

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