Peace & Goodbye

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Tim Thompson
Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Letís be honest: I am not a writer. My high school English teacher probably would agree.

I understand there is a huge skills gap between being an actual writer and doing what I do, but Iím sure the thought process is similar. In fact, if it werenít for my partner, ĎThe Bullpen', who has a journalism background, Peace & Glove would never have existed. In fact, if it werenít for him Peace & Glove probably would have ended late last year. But, he convinced me to keep my eye on the big picture and keep on keepin' on, so I did.

Iíve really enjoyed writing Peace & Glove these past couple of years, and even went as far as to establish my own website in the event I decided to branch out from Gazettextra.com. That branching out never really happened, as I mostly just posted the same stuff on there that you read here.

If you ask my friends or family to describe me, most will tell you that I am a passionate individual when it comes to things I care about -- my kids, my wife, my farm, the Brewers and restoring rights to Americans that were stolen more than 70 years ago, just to just name a few. I'm sorry to say, I am not passionate about blogging. Itís fun and all, but since the beginning it has felt like something I needed to do, and as a result it made me view the Brewers and baseball from a different perspective. Rather than sitting back and enjoying the sport and the team, I found myself always asking, ďHow can I use this in a blog?Ē

Iíve had part of this post rolling around in my head for quite a while. As I said, if not for The Bullpen, Peace & Glove would have ended last year. Without going into details, I read a blog post last week that basically told me that now is the time to call it a career. It wasn't the content of said blog post as much as the fact that it existed. You need to know when to say when, and my when is now. Also, I believe in going out more akin to Robin Yount than Brett Favre. ;)

Thank you to anyone who clicked any of my posts to read and/or join the conversation. We had a troll or two along the way who always wanted to bring down the maturity level, but we remained above that Ö most of the time. :) For the most part we also managed to stay focused on baseball and keep politics out of the blog. I know everyone has their own perspective, and everyone believes their perspective is the only perspective, but that is so far from true it almost has circled back around to being true. Until the petty partisan bickering ends, the politicians will continue to get away with what they want to get away with. Until the Gazette gets rid of the anonymous user IDs, that partisan bickering will never end on here.

Iíd also like to thank Gazette editor Scott Angus and the former Gazettextra.com tech guru Kyle Geissler for giving me the opportunity to do Peace & Glove, even though I had absolutely no writing experience whatsoever. The thought to do a blog just sort of hit me one day, so I e-mailed Scott who put me in contact with Kyle and Peace & Glove was born. My original idea for this blog actually wasn't the Brewers, but I didnít think the other option would fly so I sold out and went mainstream.

Most of all I want to thank The Bullpen for helping out along the way. (Helping out is probably an understatement.) He was on top of editing anything I sent him at pretty much any time I sent it. (Editing is probably an understatement, as well.) He also posted a few blogs along the way to help add some content, including about 98% of what is probably my favorite blog we ever put together.

My wife and I bought a 5-acre farm last summer and The Bullpen has also spared numerous hours to help me paint, fence, construct and de-construct to help get the farm ready for future retail options. You all probably donít care, but this man pretty much has infinite good karma coming his way.

Anyway, thank you all for reading.

Peace & Goodbye!

Last updated: 9:20 am Tuesday, July 9, 2013

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